We’ve all been there. So much work to do from home, so little motivation. (Netflix addiction is a real thing.) But what if you had a super cool home office that just oozed with creativity? These 15 spaces are so amazing, we definitely wouldn’t mind clocking in after hours if they were ours. It just goes to show, your work space is a lot more than just a swivel chair and pretty pens… although we can’t emphasize enough the power of a good motivational poster!

1. Gold Accent Area: Sweet, simple and sophisticated — that’s how we’d sum up this space. The gold throw pillow and miscellaneous accessories keep the decor bright and lively. (via The Every Girl)

2. Set the Mood: We’re suckers for a pair of baby blues… and the same goes for blue walls. This color is so calming, we swear it feels like you’re beachside if you squint your eyes hard enough. (via Bower Power Blog)

3. All in the Design: Design-focused furniture (like that desk, wow!) lets the rest of the office decor stay simple. Just a few pops of color and natural light and you’re all set. (via Freshome)

4. Statement Cork Board: Cover a cork board with a piece of fabric that’s full of pattern and color, and bam! You’ve got a super stylish place to keep inspirational images and memos. (via Lonny)

5. Gold Heart Art Office: Wear your heart on your sleeve… or on your wall in this case. A gold-heart decal turns a plain white wall into a statement wall in little to no time. (via Apartment Therapy)

6. Old-School Office: Take a cue from your school days and incorporate a locker smack dab in the middle of your office! It’s a little bit functional and a lot fab. (via Lina Ostling)

7. Collaboration Central: This two-for-one home desk might be one of the most functional pieces of furniture ever. Tons of inspiration is showcased right under the glass top. (via The Office Stylist)

8. Chair Appeal: Pop! Oh, that’s just the sound of a pop of color totally revamping an otherwise neutral space. (via Free Sharing)

9. Calendar Decor: Hang a gigantic calendar on your wall for functional and fun wall art. Bonus: You’ll have no problem staying on schedule with this thing hanging behind you. (via My Colortopia)

10. Pink Perfection: Every girl dreams of a little work station like this. Fancy up your white desk with a bold, pink print and clear accessories. (That chair! That lamp!) (via The Lennoxx)

11. Living Room Office: Let your office share its space with your living room. Perks include the comfiest office of all time and an already nap-approved couch. (via Decor Dots)

12. Space-Saving Wall Office: So you’re an apartment dweller and don’t have copious amounts of room in your home. Well… you’ve got a wall, right? This home office shows you how to make it work. (via My Scandinavian Home)

13. Rustic Room: Exposed brick wall. Grey-blue chair. And an owl lamp. Dare we say this is the most beautiful rustic office we’ve ever seen? (via Anthropologie Way)

14. Rug is the New Black: A bright and beautiful rug takes this office from traditional to total bombshell. The best part? Once you’re tired of it, you can swap it out for a brand new floor statement. (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. Cheery Chair Solution: Cold, metal office chair got you down? Drape some furry fun on it and you can type away at your keyboard for hours in comfort. (via My Scandinavian Home)

What decor style (Color palette? Wall art? Textures?) sparks your creative juices? Let us know in the comments below!