Healthcare, 401K, vacation, sick days and free coffee sound like every employee’s dream. But if you work at some tech companies these days, that all sounds like amateur hour. Top tech giants are redefining employee perks in hopes that happy, stress-free employees = more productive employees. We’re all about inspiring creativity and helping with productivity… could a career change be in order for you? Read on to learn the craziest perks out there — they will blow your mind!

1. Happy Hours: It’s five o’clock somewhere in Silicon Valley! Thrillist, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google are just some of the companies that have free alcohol on site after work hours. (via Business Insider, image via The Huffington Post)

2. Travel… On Them: Whether by plane, train or automobile, some companies help ease their employees’ travel woes. Google gives free rental cars to run errands, Uber offers unlimited car service, and Eventbrite and Zynga reimburse employees for travel to and from work. But the ultimate in travel perks comes from Airbnb, who give their employees $2,000 a year to travel anywhere in the world. (via Silicon Valley Business Journal)

3. Unlimited Vacation Time: While we’re on the subject of travel, Automattic, Pinterest, Zynga,, Yammer and Twitter don’t limit vacation days. Must. Be. Nice. (via NBC News)

4. Daily Meals: No time to leave your desk for lunch? Or breakfast? Or even dinner? No worries! Free meals and snacks are the most common perks among tech companies. (via The New York Times, image via KPU Marketing)

5. On-Site Amenities: Many companies offer on-site services that essentially make the phrase, “I have to run errands,” on par with, “The dog ate my homework.” Dropbox, Facebook and Google all have a barber shops. Facebook and Google also have healthcare centers, dry cleaning and laundy services. (via Silicon Valley Business Journal, image via Atomic Toasters)

6. Pet-Friendly Offices: Bring your pet to work every day! Airbnb, Google, Pinterest, and Eventbrite all let their employees bring their pets to the office. We wonder if there’s ever a midday break to play fetch? (via Business Insider)

7. Free Fitness: Healthiness is just as important as happiness. Many companies offer health perks that go beyond the standard gym. Airbnb provides weekly yoga classes, Pinterest has a biweekly running club and Google has lap pools. (via The Wherever Writer, image via HomeDSGN)

8. Games! Games! Games!: Arcade games in the Kixeye office? Cool! An adult ball pit at Google? Even better! Laser Tag outings with the Dropbox team? Winning! (via Business Insider)

9. Endless Tech Products: The second you start working for Apple, you are eligible for a 25 percent discount on one of their computers, in addition to other discounts throughout your tenure. At Dropbox, you can customize your computer, and at Automattic, you receive $2,000 to build your home office. (via Business Insider, image via Gotta Be Mobile)

10. Nap Time: Yep, you read that right. You can nap at Google (and Huffington Post!)… and not get in trouble. (via The Wherever Writer, image via Bit Rebels)

Which of these perks do you think is the craziest? What kinds of perks do you have at your job? Tell us in the comments!