Relaxation can come in totally different forms. For some of us, it’s a Netflix binge sesh (new shows and movies!) on the sofa. Others unwind with stress-relieving yoga poses. Then there’s the group of us who love nothing more than a DIY spa day — or even better, a destination wellness trip to indulge in the real deal and experience an amazing new place. Complete bliss. Read on to get the deets on our top five picks for crazy cool wellness retreats, which include spas with salt caves, underwater experiences and more.

1. The Lime Spa, Maldives: We found it: The world’s first underwater spa! This amazing destination is THE place to go for tons of treatments that you can enjoy while looking at the actual ocean floor. If that’s not enough to give you heart eyes, the entire place is designed to match its surroundings. Our faves? Fabric that looks like kelp and cushions that can pass as coral reefs. Since channeling your inner mermaid is ultra-trendy right now, channel your inner Ariel and book a trip ASAP.

2. Tschuggen Bergoase Spa, Switzerland: This amazing Swiss spa is anything but usual, its striking peaks standing out amid snowy, tall peaks. The fabulous design by Mario Botta was totally intentional, with its architecture set to look like trees that provide unobstructed, jaw-dropping views. The mindfulness continues inside the spa too, with treatment rooms set over four floors with totally different environments. Take your pick between pristine, natural light or underground rooms that are actually built into the mountain. Either way, this paradise will cater to ALL of your senses.

3. Galos Caves, Illinois: It’s hard to believe that this Chicago spot produces effects on your bod that will mimic those of the Black Sea, but rave reviews tell us it’s true! The crazy-looking salt caves shimmer in beautiful pinks and purples and took more than two entire decades for Ukrainian scientists to bring to life. In addition to its healing powers, the pastel-colored spa is also said to smell like flowers. Sounds like just about everything we love in a single spot.

4. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland: Reykjavik is one of the world’s most pinned places, and it’s no surprise — its incredible blue lagoon is adored by travelers and spa lovers around the globe. Aside from providing a backdrop for the most perfect spa Insta ever, the blue lagoon is a destination for its geothermal waters. The seawater is unique because of Iceland’s natural position in lava fields, and will keep you toasty at about 100 degrees. Another fun fact: Two major tectonic plates meet right at the blue lagoon, which means you get to relax between two continents.

5. The Integratron, California: Add sound bathing in a desert vortex to your bucket list ASAP. This literal Mojave Desert hotspot is famous for its ability to rejuvenate with earthly energy. There’s no water involved here, just a dome that’s actually acoustically perfect enough for visitors to swear that the healing techniques are like a psychedelic experience. Whoa! Just outside of Joshua Tree National Park, the Integratron is owned by three sisters who are hard at work on preserving and restoring the super special structure for the future. You can only go inside with an appointment, so be sure to make one before showing up for a sonic session.

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