You call your partner your true love, your perfect match, your other half. But we’re willing to bet chances are you don’t do everything together. If you did, you might look something like this couple, creators of the funny, gorgeous and very weird series called Complements. In it, the couple, you guessed it, aims to complement one another in their artistic and strange photographs.

The Tumblr follows Wade Jeffree, an Australian designer, and Leta Sobierajski, a graphic designer and art director. Both members of the artistic duo decided to run this collaborative project to explore their “complementary relationship through portrait photography.” We say it’s a clever and unique take on the typical “couples photos” that blow up your Facebook feed. And we are A-Okay with that.

The duo takes their inspiration from the hilarious couples photos they find on the Internet. Some of their photos are replicas of, as they put it best “existing, and often horrible, photos of couples, many of which are from the ’80s.”

The new takes on old classics, hilarious and awful or not, shows just how much the couple really does complement one another. Their ability to have fun, and look great doing it, is only a testament to how solid their relationship must be.

And honestly, if you can look your partner in the eye while both eating the same banana, and not break down into hysterical laugher, you’ve got some major steadiness that we totally envy. Kudos, guys.

What do you think of this couple’s photo series? Cute and artsy, or totally kooky? Would you ever do something like this with your partner? Let us know below!