We know what you’re thinking. Costumes? For what? Well, aside from Halloween being something we prepare for months in advance, there are plenty of opportunities for couples costumes all year round. Themed birthday parties, Burning Man, 4th of July BBQs — all are fair game in the costume department. But if October’s the only time you turn it out, Pin these now and come back to them later.

The last year in pop culture has been packed to the max with costume-worthy couples, from the ladies of Orange is the New Black to the dudes of 22 Jump Street. Here are 15 pop culture couple costume ideas for 2014… so far ;)

1. Dumb and Dumber To: Lloyd and Harry are at it again… 20 years later. Yes. It’s been 20 years. What better time to bring back the baby blue and orange tuxes?

2. Finnick and Mags from The Hunger Games: This odd couple from The Hunger Games has what is possibly the most genuine friendship in that entire series. Just looking at this photo leaves me teary-eyed!

3. Cory and Topanga: In case you missed it, these two are back in action this year as parents. To turn this couple into a costume, your beau might need a temporary perm ;)

4. Piper and Alex from Orange is the New Black: These star crossed lovers would be an easy costume to recreate, provided you have access to prison uniforms. Or, you could dye a pair of blue scrubs that special dingy brown hue.

5. The Dudes from 22 Jump Street: Board shorts, printed man tanks and guns out. Done.

6. Kimye, Newlywed Edition: Oh Kimye, you provide so much costume-based inspiration. Last year, Brit rocked a faux baby bump as a combination of both Kim (whale dress) and Kanye (shutter shades and microphone). This year, class things up and go as this surprisingly-not-insanely-flashy-at-their-wedding bride and groom.

7. James Franco and Seth Rogen, “Bound 2” Edition: And from Kim and Kanye to their would-be doppelgängers, Franco and Rogen. You would need a fake motorcycle to pull this costume off for sure.

8. Pharrell and His Hat: No, not Pharrell wearing his infamous hat. One person dresses as Pharrell in his track jacket and the other person dresses AS the hat. So good!

9. Bill and Hillary Campaigning for 2016: Still have that Bill Clinton mask from the ’90s? Bring it back because the Clintons are back in action!

10. Entrepreneur Barbie and Her Entourage: If you’re a couple, one of you could dress as Entrepreneur Barbie while the other dresses as… her tablet? How about Intern Skipper?? If you’re a group, make this Barbie brigade happen. Stat.

11. Jennifer Lawrence Photobombing Taylor Swift: This has to be one of the best photobombs the red carpet has ever seen. Don a white strapless dress as JLaw, a red and black gown as TSwift, and let the photobombing hijinx commence!

12. True Detectives: 2014 has absolutely been Matthew McConaughey’s comeback year. Pay homage to your new favorite dark drama by going as him and Woody Harrelson this Halloween. But we have to admit, he’ll always be that older dude from Dazed and Confused in our eyes.

13. Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez, Tight Pants Time: One of the strangest Jimmy Fallon skits to go viral, white pants and striped turtlenecks will turn you into tight pants titans in no time.

14. Grand Budapest Characters: There are two options with this one. Either you go as the lobby boy and his baker love, or you go as the lobby boy and his idol, Ralph Fiennes. Either way, you need at least one purple suit.

15. Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir: Finally, make your Olympic fashion dreams come true by dressing up as “the glimmer twins,” Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. Leave your skates at home.

What other pop culture-inspired couples might you dress up as? Send suggestions our way via the comments below, and we just might turn them into DIY tutorials in a few months.