With summer wedding season in full swing, we can't help but turn our attention to couples and how they use technology to stay connected. Whether you're in a long distance relationship or simply like staying in touch 24/7, your phone is your constant connection to your significant other. Naturally, iPhone app innovators and developers have caught on, and created a collection of playful apps perfect for techie couples. Here are 9 apps for an updated Love Potion No. 9, 2.0 style. ;)

1. 2 for Couples: This iPad and iPhone app, formatted like a digital magazine, gives you and your partner tons of relationship fixes from date night ideas to top shopping picks for your partner. There are even monthly giveaways for member couples!

2. Avocado: Offers techie pairs a suite of in-app features that includes photo sharing, instant messaging, and shared lists. The app is sleek, fast, and private.

3. BeCouply: Although the website claims the app is tailored for power couples, we can't imagine a couple that wouldn't enjoy the smart date ideas, listing of local deals, and the ability to connect with the couples you and your squeeze hang out with most. The app isn't quite available for all, but head to the BeCouply website to sign up for the beta.

4. Girlfriend Keeper: As you might expect, this one is for the guy who needs some help with girlfriend upkeep. Fortunately, Girlfriend Keeper will remind him of important dates like her birthday and their anniversary. On the more creepy side, it will automatically send lovey-dovey text messages to your special someone (so you don't have to).

5. Kindu: Attempting to simplify a couple's sex life is a real undertaking! Kindu takes this task on by allowing couples to share their fantasies privately and honestly. Respond to your partner's ideas with "definitely," "no thanks," or "maybe – open to discussion." While we think these types of conversations are probably best taken offline, this is definitely… interesting.

6. Love Dare: Strengthen your marriage with a daily dose of relationship advice from the original book. Not comfortable with the scripture? Just take the motivating relationship tools in the 40 dares.

7. Love Maps: From the esteemed Gottman Institute comes an app loaded with 87 questions that create a "love map" of your partner's world from their personal history to their current concerns. We love the questions but think the app design could use a little TLC.

8. Pair: An iPhone app for just you and your special someone. In-app sharing of videos, photos, sketches, messages, and nifty "thumbkisses." As the website aptly says, "You and your partner already share everything, might as well share an app."

9. Twosome: This loaded app lets you and your partner share all the communication avenues from sketches to photos. But the icebreaker questions that come included are great for initiating open conversation with your sweetie. Connect with other Twosome users to learn from the couples community and even see how you stack up against others with your "relationship score."

Would any of these work for you and your better half? What would be the biggest draw for you – the date night ideas or the in-app media sharing? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below or weighing in on Twitter and Facebook. (Main image via The Bridal District)