Crayola has been a staple in our crafting lives for as long as we can remember. Colored pencils, markers and those huge boxes of crayons in every color imaginable adorned our elementary school desks, as well as the bottoms of our backpacks. Through the years, we have always been able to count on Crayola to keep their creative wheels turning and to release products that help make our creative journeys a breeze. Our most recent Crayola obsession is the Thread Wrapper — it takes a 30-minute task and gets it done in seconds. Get out your markers, and start writing thank you notes to Crayola for adding more time back into your day :)


If you just said, “WHOA. Is that a slap bracelet?” You would be correct. We are ’90s kids at heart, but this DIY will win over your little one for sure. Come check out this project and many more at Re:Make this fall!


Materials + Tools:

Crayola Thread Wrapper

– Crayola Thread

– slap bracelet

– scissors

– three AA batteries



1. Remove the clear cover from the Thread Wrapper, and slide the spool of thread onto the larger post of the machine. Grab the thread and hook it onto the smaller post next to the spool of thread.

2. Hold all three threads together, and slide the plastic cover back onto the machine.

3. Wrap the thread around the slap bracelet, and place it in the hole of the Thread Wrapper.

4. Press the silver button, and watch the thread spin around the bracelet. As it is wrapping, slowly pull the bracelet out the back of the machine.

5. Cut the string, and knot the end so it doesn’t unravel.


We were in awe when we saw how easy it was to set up this machine. Simply slide the spool onto the large prong, and then latch the thread onto the smaller spool on the right.


Gather all three strands, and slide the plastic cover back onto the machine.


Wrap the tails of thread around the end of your slap bracelet about three to four times.


Insert the wrapped end into the machine, then hold down the silver button and watch the machine go to work!


Slowly pull the bracelet out the back end of the machine while holding down the silver button. Your piece will be covered in thread in no time!


Snip the end of the thread, and tie it to your bracelet so it doesn’t unwind.


We can’t get over this fun wrapped texture. This machine would pair wonderfully with our wrapped necklaces kit.


Don’t be afraid to amp up the texture even more with some beads. Use a needle and left over thread to string beads onto the wrapped bracelet. Or, if you want to make custom thread colors, you can use Crayola Fabric Markers to color your thread. How cool is that?!


Color blocked, zig zag wraps and beaded accents — we want all of them on our wrists right now!


Have we ever mentioned that we love the ’90s? So yeah, this slap bracelet is are our jam :)


Are all five a little much? Nahhhh. #foreverakid


What would you like to wrap in thread? Don’t forget to come check out Crayola and their Thread Wrapping Machine at Re:Make here in San Francisco!

DIY Production + Styling: Kelly Bryden
 Photography: Chris Andre