As soon as that little stick reads positive, the first thing you want to do is tell the world! The imminent arrival of a baby brings a to-do list a mile long, from buying hilarious onesies to painting the nursery. So whether you decide to do a pregnancy announcement, a maternity shoot or a traditional baby announcement, here are 20 beautiful options to announce the arrival of your bundle of joy.

1. Bold Graphics: If graphics are your game, you’ll love this bold, hand-lettered announcement. Whether you attempt the lettering yourself or have a professional do the job, this announcement is sure to be unique and eye catching. (via Joe Kayse)

2. Subtle Sophistication:: Quality paper really makes all the difference when you’re choosing an announcement, so go for the best cotton paper you can find. The embossed lettering with shades of blue and green is a very elegant look. (via Paper and Ink)

3. Flip Book: If you have a bit of time to spare, a flip book is an adorable and unique way to announce baby. Take a bunch of pictures and combine them into a stop-motion movie that truly conveys how your baby is the most adorable of them all. If you want to see this flip book in motion, check out this link! (via Paper and Ink)

4. Baby Infographic: Need a more informational announcement for your young son? Check out this infographic idea where you can put all the stats into a well-designed graph sans frills and flowers. (via Liza Loves Paper)

5. Paper Collage: How fun is this paper collage portrait of the new family? We love the rustic whimsy that comes with a paper portrait, and you can always include a portrait of baby inside if you just can’t resist. (via Chloe Fleury)

6. Watercolor Writing: Hand-lettering is hot right now, and if you want to add a little bit of personalization, a tiny footprint is the perfect touch. Hate your handwriting? Experiment with pre-designed watercolor fonts. (via Handmade Ransom Notes)

7. Wooden Peg People: Sometimes simple is better and these little peg people are perfectly endearing with a little family math equation. (via Jolie Jolie Design)

8. Baby Collage: Instead of adding font around a photo of your baby, why not go for a 3D collage and surround baby with elements like a calendar, a yardstick and wooden block letters; such a creative way to tell the birth story! (via By Rosenhoff)

9. Pretty in Pink: These beautiful announcements are perfect for your little princess, with their watercolor effect over the photo and important details kept to a minimum. (via West Willow)

10. Vintage Storybook: If you’re reminiscing about simpler times, enjoy these pretty announcements based on antique book illustrations. (via Color Quarry)

11. Venn Diagram: A colorful venn diagram to illustrate the birds and the bees! We heart you, logic. ( via Minted)

12. Black and White: This may be one of our favorites with its elegant black-and-white photo contrasted by colorful watercolor font. (via Memoryln)

13. Classic Geometric: Right on trend, this geometric announcement contrasts excellent design with a simple color palette. (via Dribbble)

14. Starry Night: An interactive announcement that includes an actual rotating star chart and a little embedded photo surrounded by illustrated star signs. (via Ladyfingers Letterpress)

How will you tell the world about your little addition to the universe? Let us know in the comments below!