It’s that time of year when we come together to make sweet treats, mix up cocktails, shop ’til we drop, and give gifts (after wrapping them uber creatively, of course). A new holiday pastime that we’ve spotted growing on Pinterest over the last couple years is Elf on the Shelf. Who cares if you don’t have kids? Adults can get in on the fun too (don’t forget — #iamcreative!). You’ve got a few weeks to go before Elf on the Shelf becomes Elf Stuffed Away in a Box, so get inspired with these creative, oft-hilarious poses your kids, roomies, or boo will be LOLing at this month.

1. Maker Elf: Like we always say, makers gonna make. Guess that holds true for elves too. (via Emma Klosson Photography)

2. Elf on the Shelf, Squared: How very meta. Now pass the pasta and maple syrup. (via Living Locurto)

3. Hey Girl: If you’re an Elf, I’m an Elf. (via SheKnows)

4. Sprinkle Angel: Does anyone really enjoy laying in the cold snow making these? Sprinkle substitution FTW. (via Rachel Swartley)

5. Smile + Pose: We’re all about photo booth props (and photo booths). So this one is totally at the top of our to-do list. (via Living Locurto)

6. 50 Shades of Elf: Prep to watch the movie by giving the Elf a background on Christian Grey. (via Kelly Broyles Photography)

7. sELFie: But first, let me take an #Elfie. (via Jenny Onsager)

8. Elfing Hot Chocolate: Some like it hot (with marshmallows on top). (via Skinny Mom)

9. Soaring Through the Home: Give your Elf a reindeer’s eye view of your living room. (via Busy Kids Happy Mom)

10. All Wrapped Up: This has happened at least once to every maker (right…?). Recreate your lowest moment for some LOLs and pick up some gift wrapping tips here. (via A Few Short Cuts)

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11. Swept Away: All that’s missing from this scene is some mistletoe.

12. It’s the Gingerbread Elf: We think the Elf’s tiny hands are much better suited for the Candy Cane Land Estate Decorating Committee. (via Grinning Like an Idiot)

13. Cut a Hole in the Box: You know it’s Christmastime and the Elf’s heart is open wide. Just make sure the box isn’t too… (via Baby Rabies)

14. HoliDIY Wrapping: Get creative and have your Elf DIY the wrapping paper. (via Rachel Swartley)

15. Cone Surprise: A midnight snack doesn’t technically have to be at midnight, right? (via SheKnows)

16. I Work Out: The Elf’s sexy and he knows it (insert wiggle, wiggle, wiggle). (via Dirty Diaper Laundry)

17. Let’s Get Roasted: Marshmallows roasting on an open, electric candle flame. (via The Weekend Housewife)

18. Copy Room Hijinks: Whatever you do, just don’t sneak this scan into your portfolio. (via Lil Blue Boo)

19. Project Prep: Collect all the supplies, then watch your Elf get to work. You may be waiting awhile, so pour a tall glass of spiked eggnog. (via DIY Inspired)

20. Coffee Crazed: Elves: They’re just like us. (via Poofy Cheeks)

21. Swing, Swing: It’s a good core workout — you should try it sometime. (via A Small Snippet)

22. Candy-Coated Elf: This takes melt in your mouth to a whole new level. (via A Life Examined)

23. Fra-gee-lay: We don’t think the Elf looks like a pink nightmare. (via Anders Ruff)

24. Downward Facing Elf: Bend and snap, that’s how they do it, right? (via Pickedhead Soup)

25. Rejuvenated Elf: A relaxed Elf is a happy and productive Elf. (via SheKnows)

26. LEGO Elf: Make a lifelike replica with everyone’s favorite building blocks. (via Lime & Mortar)

27. Walkup Elf: Take the city Elf to the brownstone steps for an impromptu photo shoot. (via See Jane Blog)

28. Spin the Bottle: We hope this doesn’t turn into Seven Minutes in Heaven. (via Jen McKen Photography)

29. Elf on the Broom: Maybe Elf on the Shelf is the secret to getting more Harry Potter books. (via Shelf the Elf)

30. ElfDM: We’re calling it now: The raver Elf will be this year’s go-to festival accessory. Peace out, flower headbands. (via The Leggy Files)

31. Spidey Sense: Where’s the Mary Jane Watson Elf when you need her? (via Sharilyn Wells Photography)

32. This Is the Elf!: Who wouldn’t turn their chair around for this Elf? (via Picklehead Soup)

33. Ice Bath: Big pimpin’, spendin’ G’s (and spa chillin’ with Barbies). (via Ring of Firefly)

34. Baker’s Delight: Sir Bakes a Lot. (via Rachel Swartley)

35. Family Memories: It’s only fair that your Elf be included in the family photo sitch this holiday season. (via A Small Snippet)

36. Kissing Booth: Let’s hope this Elf doesn’t kiss and tell. (via Living Locurto)

37. Catching Some Zzzs: It is a known fact that elves only need 40 minutes of sleep a night. (via Frugal Coupon Living)

38. Scootin’ About: Have some fun with the storyline this year and give your Elf a romantic tryst involving Beckie with that good hair. (via Tracey Farr)

39. Bank Robbing: Looks like he’ll be joining the naughty list alongside all the rotten kids. (via Simple As That)

40. Bound and Gagged: Choo Choo! Not even a prankster is safe from hijinks this time of year. (via Fancy Shanty)

41. Teacher of the Year: Remind your kids about what’s important this time of year. #squadgoals (via A Small Snippet)

42. Spaceman: Houston, we have a problem. Someone has been misbehaving and Santa needs to hear about it. (via Elf on the Shelf)

43. Netflix & Chill: TFW your elf slides into DMs for a Christmas movie marathon. (via Heather Spohr Photography / Buzzfeed)

44. Online Shopping: The perfect scapegoat for those late-night Amazon purchases is your Elf. (via Picklehead Soup)

45. Pancake Breakfast: Use that last little bit of batter from brunch to put on a (miniature) feast for your hard-working Elf. (via Home Stories A to Z)

46. May the Force Be With You: Darth clearly doesn’t enjoy Elf’s pranks as much as the rest of the family. (via Lisa Stout Photography)

47. Sexiest Elf Alive: Okay so this one is more for you than the kids, but we all need a reason to keep the charade going. (via Picklehead Soup)

48. Rock Band: He just wants to rock and roll all night, and party every day. (via Frugal Coupon Living)

49. Sun Tanning: Wishful thinking this time of year, but for someone who lives in the North Pole, this far south is essentially in the tropics. (via A Small Snippet)

50. IRL Elf on a Shelf: If all else fails, just dress up like the Elf on the Shelf yourself. Try not to sit on an actual shelf though — that could become a disaster. (via Med School Watercooler)

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(Additional reporting by Ariel Garneau)