If you’ve ever spent an entire afternoon working out a knot in your favorite necklace, you’ve probably learned the hard way that keeping your jewelry organized is not only a total bonus when ramping up your decor, it’s also crucial for your sanity. (Side note: if those horrible tangles ever do happen, apparently baby powder is the secret?!) Sure, you could take the traditional route and grab a jewelry box or a basic jewelry stand, but why would you want to when you have all these super creative alternatives?

1. Crystal Necklace Display: Holy gemstone, this looks awesome! Make your room look like a million bucks for closer to twenty. (via Minted)

2. Chicken Wire Frame: If you’re looking for a simple and super cheap option, grab a frame from the flea market and some chicken wire from the hardware store and staple them together. We’re digging the antique vibe of this example, but it would also look awesome spray painted with a bright pop of color. (via Brit + Co)

3. Thread Rack Jewelry Hanger: Take an old thread rack, hang it up and voila! To make this a little more exciting, try painting the base of each rack a different shade of one color to create a cool ombré effect. (via One Good Thing)

4. Peg Board Display: If you’re looking to make a mega jewelry station, grab a big frame and a peg board. Insert hooks for your necklaces and maybe even a little cup to keep those stud earrings safe. (via The 36th Avenue)

5. Tree Branch Organizer: Add a little bit of nature to your home with this rustic option. All you need is some twine, a cool branch and a few cup hooks. (via Logbook)

6. Candle Stand Jewelry Holder: We’ve seen candlesticks transformed into cake stands, but this repurpose is a first. Give your bedroom some serious boutique vibes with just a candle stand and a paper towel roll (yes, really). (via Life Ann Style)

7. Travel Jewelry Organizer: Which one is worse: Tangled necklaces or losing one earring? They’re both pretty terrible. Our solution: this all-in-one travel jewelry case! (via Brit + Co)

8. Rake Jewelry Hanger: Rake in the compliments with this genius upcycle idea. If your rake has a handle, go ahead and remove it. Then, cover it in a fresh coat of paint and hang all your favorite pieces on it. (via Etsy)

9. Toy Animal Jewelry Holder: The kiddos won’t really miss their animal toys, will they? After all, Mr. Hippo looks so much better with a little bit of bling. (via Why Don’t You Make Me)

10. Hanger Jewelry Holder: Cover that hanger in washi tape to take this easy idea to the next level. (via I SPY DIY)

11. Sculpey Ring Tray: Keep those rings safe in this adorable marbled tray made of clay. Hit up the craft store for these supplies or skip the trip and order our kit! (via Brit + Co)

12. Jenga Necklace Rack: If you’re feeling totally bitter from that last Jenga defeat, transform the wooden blocks from a frustrating game into a color blocked masterpiece. (via Brit + Co)

13. Painter’s Tray Ring Dish: Repurpose a basic paint palette into a fun ring dish. This option was kept simple and covered in a sleek coat of white paint, but we think we’d paint each little bay its own bright color so it looked like a real painter’s palette. (via Tart Mag)

14. Ring Box: If your ring collection is getting out of hand (pun fully intended), keep them safe and show them off in this glass-topped box. (via Life Ann Style)

15. Pipe Jewelry Display: Plumbing pieces never looked so good. This piece was made using wood from an old palette and standard copper plumbing pieces you can find at any hardware store. Here’s a cool option that can hold your earrings, necklaces and bracelets. (via Creativity Jar)

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