Sometimes it’s really hard to find inspiration. You want to make something, you think you have a vision and then it just doesn’t turn out exactly like you planned. On the other hand, sometimes you just freestyle the whole project and end up with something beautiful and unexpected.

We teamed up with Moto X to ask the eight makers featured in our #iamcreative Studio Series to impart wisdom on creativity, what it means to make and their creative process.

Illustrated beautifully by Brit + Co design rockstar Annie Kubena, we turned their inspiring thoughts and pieces of advice into 10 colorful totems to live by. Remember, you ARE creative.

“To be a good artist / letterer / designer / guitar player it takes practice. A lot of it. More than you can even fathom when you’re starting out.”

Jessica Hische, Hand-Letterer

“Make. Make mistakes. Make corrections. And keep making.”

Maile Ogasawara, Batsu/Maru

“Sticking yourself in a situation where you can think but can’t actually work is the best way to come up with ideas.”

Steven Kilzer, Capital Eyewear

“Stay inspired, work hard and be proud of what you do.”

Andria Sato, Lilikoi Design

“The creative flow is something you have to wait for because it can’t be forced.”

Jennie Chen, Future Glory Company

“The most important trait an aspiring entrepreneur can have is an irrational optimism… a naive kind of self-confidence.”

Jared Rusten, J. Rusten Furniture Studio

“What’s amazing about what we’re doing as makers is that there aren’t any rules. We’re making them up as we go.”

Christina Stembel, Farmgirl Flowers

“Creating something by hand has so much love and soul — and we get to share that story.”

Andria Sato, Lilikoi Design

“Always try to get better every time you do something. You don’t have to get it perfect every time.”

Jennie Chen, Future Glory Company

“Foster creativity and aspire to create unexpected joy and fun.”

Craig Dalton, DODOcase

Our mission here at Brit + Co is to enable and inspire creativity in women. Those of you who are longtime readers know that we believe creativity comes in many forms. It can be as simple as a handwritten letter sent to a friend for no reason, or it can be as complex as building a dining table using wood repurposed from your childhood treehouse. It can also be every creative thing in between. The key to this is one simple thing: We are all born creative.

Special thanks to Moto X for partnering with us to bring this next iteration of #iamcreative to life. It’s all part of their effort to inspire creativity in everyone, including allowing you to fully customize your phone via their tool Moto Maker. This latest innovation allows you to MAKE your phone. When it comes to customizing your phone, there are actually hundreds of different color and material combos, like a variety of leather and wood finishes you can choose from. You can forget about snapping pics of your work in progress with a phone everyone else has. After all, #makersgonnamake :)

What are your thoughts on creativity? How does technology change and support your creative process? Share your story with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #iamcreative. We can’t wait to hear from you.