It’s creepy week here at Brit + Co, and we’re about to delve into a whole lot of spooky scary Halloween decor, drinks, and devilish bites. First up, time to amp up the creep factor in the decor department. Read on to learn how to make blood-splattered bud vases, blood-splattered votive jars, and, of course, a blood-splattered table runner.

 mason jars
– votives

– gauze

red acrylic paint
red spray paint

 hot glue gun
– paint brush

1. Blood-Splattered Runner: This creepy number really sets the scene for a spooky table. Get all the tools and materials you need to make it in our handy dandy Halloween shop!

Squeeze a bit of acrylic paint onto a paper plate or palette. Use your paint brush to dab it sporadically on a gauze runner. The more random, the better. That’s it!

As you can see, our table is fully ready to creep you out.

2. Blood-Splattered Votive Jars: Next up, you’ve gotta have some illumination on your table, even if it’s the darkest night of the year.

Use the same method of painting gauze as you did for your runner. Then cut into pieces and wrap around a mason jar using hot glue to secure. Head to our shop to stock up on jars, gauze, and paint.

Drop a votive candle in your jar.


3. Blood-Splattered Vases: Last, some adorable bud vases turned seriously dark.

Simply spray paint your vases with red spray paint in a random fashion, creating the blood-splattered look. We recommend spraying from close and far to create different concentrations of red.

Done! And now it’s time to set your scene…

Could that glove be any creepier? Eeek!

We threw a few creepy crawlers and red candlesticks into the mix for good measure.

What type of Halloween party are you throwing or attending this year? Does this post totally creep you out? Talk to us in the comments below.