Online shopping is convenient and great for stocking up on your style basics, but it also means missing out on window shopping. You’re less likely to find something totally surprising and fun when you’re shopping based on search. That’s why we’re loving curated sites that bring that element of surprise to online shopping. From Amazon and Etsy to unique vintage finds, these sites scour the web to find the most lovely, unique steals for every aspect of your life. It’s basically the perfect way to Upgrade Your Life.


1. For Super Curated Lifestyle Goods: Whoever curates the Tydepool blog is basically our dream shopper. The blog features absolutely gorgeous items from Amazon and Etsy — everything from Genmaicha Green Tea and old books to handmade sweaters and beeswax candles. If you’re really into all things minimal, handmade, rustic and a bit dainty, you’ll be in shopping heaven. If you like an item, just click through, and you’re right on the purchase page. We want to buy everything.


2. For All Things Amazon: You may only think of Amazon Prime when you’re out of paper towels or need a last-minute home item, but there’s more to Amazon that you’re missing out on. With Canopy, you can scroll through and share amazing Amazon finds, from classy dishware to adorable pillows.

Something about taking these items off of the chaotic Amazon layout and putting them on a clean background really makes you feel like you’re scrolling through a boutique of buried treasure. It helps that everyone on the site has amazing taste — and you can start a profile too! Sharing hidden goodies on Canopy is as easy as copy and pasting the Amazon link. You can even filter to see Prime-only items!


3. For All Things Fashion: Sometimes you’re just looking for the perfect black maxi dress, and you want to scope out all of your options. Or maybe you want to keep an eye on an item until it goes on sale. Keep is your closet’s new BFF. You can scroll and search through all kinds of brands for your favorite pieces and save them in collections, similar to Pinterest boards. The extra nifty part is that if you’ve saved an item and it gets low in stock or goes on sale, Keep will shoot you an email so you don’t miss out. They even send out coupons to encourage you to shop right through their site, and they’ll fulfill the shipping for you. It’s all of your fashion hopping in one place.


4. For Ultra-Rare Antique Finds: Wooly offers an almost-weekly sale on really unique, rare items. Most recently, they sold a 1961 World Series Yankees hat for $135, a Swedish rug for $3,200 and a gorgeous photo series of a 1962 missile launch for $1,250. While it’s not the kind of stuff that you might impulse buy, if you love finding modern antiques or just quirky, valuable pieces, this is a great place to look… even if all you’re doing is looking.


5. For Global Goods: International shopping can make you feel so exotic, but international shipping rates can cost more than what you’re buying. Spootnik clears that right up with free shipping on all items you find on the site, but that’s only the beginning. You can shop right from artists’ stores and admire their shopping collections, or just search items by category. You’ll find jewelry, tech goods and weird vintage fashion, and everything is extraordinary. It’s definitely stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


6. For the Ultimate Design Finds: There are pop-up shops on the Internet, and some of the best ones launch on Bezar every day. Each day on the site, you can shop art, home, jewelry and accessories from stores, but only for a limited amount of time: three days. Each shop features items from unique designers, making the site feel like a global boutique.

Got any secret shopping sites that you love? We want to hear about them in the comments!