You know the song 鈥淲orking For the Weekend鈥? That鈥檚 exactly the opposite of what we鈥檙e looking to do every Friday evening through Sunday night (make that every evening, actually). Amazon and TaskRabbit have heard our cries and introduced a new feature that is every lazy girl鈥檚 (and overworked gals鈥) fantasy.

Our friends at TaskRabbit (remember #3dvalentine?) have joined forces with Amazon to make the online retailer鈥檚 Home Services platform a more seamless process. This first-of-its-kind integration enables Amazon shoppers 鈥 that鈥檚 basically everyone 鈥 to hire a vetted and insured Tasker for all types of handy(wo)man services. With one-click shopping, you鈥檒l say goodbye to heavy lifting (and basic annoying tasks) altogether.

Launching first in San Francisco and then gradually expanding to other cities in the coming weeks, this service will provide buyers a variety of Taskers to take care of handy(wo)man work, furniture assembly, product installations and so much more. After purchasing your items through Amazon, you get the opportunity to pick your Tasker based on ratings and reviews 鈥 remember, they will be hanging out with you in your house. Then, once you pick the perfect person for the assignment, the only work you have to do is, you know, whatever else is on your to-do list.

We鈥檙e serious when we say this is the lazy girl and guy鈥檚 dream. Since this service is the equivalent of having your own personal Genie, we thought up a chore list that Amazon and TaskRabbit鈥檚 partnership will make possible. Because who better to power through it than anyone but us? ;)

1. Mount Your New Flat Screen TV: You just treated yourself to the 65-inch Smart TV you鈥檝e been eyeing for a while, but now you can add on a friend to help you get it on the wall鈥 and hide your cables too.

2. Assemble Your Furniture: Just the thought of putting together that newly purchased sectional sofa brings back all the IKEA PTSD of your college and after-college years. Now you can shop it and someone else can take that DIY action off your hands so all you have to do is decorate 鈥檈m once complete.

3. Clean Your House: Haven鈥檛 dusted or mopped in ages and don鈥檛 really actually ever plan on doing those activities? Buy all the essentials 鈥 window cleaning soap, laundry detergent, a vacuum, etc. on Amazon 鈥 then pick out a pro to help whip your place into shape before the 鈥榬ents visit.

4. Childproof Your Home: The toughest question is where to start 鈥 other than the obvious baby gate, cabinet locks and outlet covers. Once you鈥檝e added all the necessities to your shopping cart, assign a pro to this assignment to guarantee your child gets into absolutely nothing they shouldn鈥檛.

5. Install Your Exercise Equipment: You want to work out but you don鈥檛 want to do the pre-workout of setting up that brand-new elliptical, treadmill or bike. Now you can shop pump you up gear and a Taskers (with protein shake in hand?) can help assemble and design your in-home gym.

6. Move Your Furniture: You just bought that new ottoman you鈥檝e been eyeing, now you need to figure out a way to fit it into your living room鈥檚 feng shui. Get a Tasker with a creative eye to help you out.

7. Paint Your Walls: Though you are totally a homemaker, you might need a little help actually getting that accent wall going after picking out the perfect hue. Assign a Rabbit to make it happen and you鈥檒l be coming home shocked like one of those homeowners from Trading Spaces.

8. Get Your Garden Together: You are loving the arrival of spring and all the gardening that comes with it, and now you can get it started with a couple extra green thumbs.

9. Snow Plow Your Driveway: Bookmark this one for winter NEXT year (actually we鈥檙e bookmarking it for our Xmas gift to our snowed-in dads!). You can actually buy snow supplies and then get someone to help you put 鈥檈m to use on the regular.

10. String the Holiday Lights: Another good one to save 鈥 once you pick out your multi-colored lights and inflatable scenery for extra holiday cheer, you can call on someone to help you string them in all of your Clark Griswold glory.

Will you be taking advantage of this TaskRabbit + Amazon partnership? Let us know in the comments.