The Internet is becoming the way we do everything. And we mean everything. From grocery shopping and dating to personal stylists and paying your friend back for brunch (finally), online is the way to do it all and then some. If you鈥檙e like us, you love a good sale like no other. We found 11 of the best sites to score the dopest deals around. Free shipping, discounts on the latest in tech鈥 what鈥檚 the deal, yo?


1. The Krazy Coupon Lady: This site was created somewhat by accident by two friends who used to email each other great savings they found online. Lucky for us, that mild addiction turned into this popular site. You鈥檒l find great discounts in pretty much every category you can think of.


2. Retail Me Not: This site is what coupon lovers dream of. They have 500,000+ coupons from over 50,000 stores. You can even search by coupon codes. Oh, and they also have an app so you can score discounts wherever you go.


3. Woot!: Every day they feature a different deal, or as Woot! likes to call it, 鈥淭oday鈥檚 Woot!鈥 We love the clean, easy-to-navigate layout, which makes it super easy for us to score affordable shoes, home goods, tech and more. Who鈥檚 with us?


4. Shop at Home: With over 94 million (that鈥檚 right, million) members signed up for their Cash Back Rewards account, this site puts money right back in your pocket. Want to save moolah on your next grocery shopping trip? Coming right up. Waiting for those pair of jeans to go on sale? It鈥檚 all yours. Plus, you could score up to 30% cash back on every dollar. It鈥檚 almost like you *have* to go shopping.


5. Free Shipping: The name of this site says it all. Ever try to search for those pesky and elusive promo codes? Well, this site does all the work for you. Paying for shipping is so last year. Now you鈥檙e free to do whatever you want.


6. Slickdeals: Ever wonder if you鈥檙e truly getting a good deal or just a meh deal? This site will tell you. It gives each featured deal a rating score from fellow users, along with having them vote to decide whether or not to feature that deal again in the future. They鈥檙e definitely looking out for you and your wallet.


7. Zulily: We just might be addicted to Zulily. There, we said it. This is your go-to spot for clothing and accessories for the entire family. Search by size, category or deals that are ending soon. We dare you to go here and not spend your entire paycheck. Good luck with that.


8. Money Saving Mom: When you鈥檙e a mom, you鈥檙e beyond busy. Let this site do all the research for you while you鈥檙e busy with the kiddos. Not only does it have great savings and coupons, but it also features articles on personal financing and more. Go, mama.


9. Tech Bargains: Let鈥檚 face it: Scoring the latest in tech can put a big ol鈥 dent in that wallet of yours. Before you make another purchase, check out this site for deals upon deals upon deals. With a tagline that promises to be 鈥渢he site retailers hope you don鈥檛 discover,鈥 you know it鈥檚 gonna be good.


10. DealNews: This site takes savings seriously. A team of experts vet each and every item featured on their site. After all, not all deals are created equal. You can be 100% positive that you鈥檙e getting the best of what鈥檚 out there when you hit up this site.


11. She Saved鈥: This is not your average coupon site. It not only gives you deals on food, travel and clothing, but it also features articles that teach you how to make tasty food, drinks and everything else under the sun. Talk about one-stop shopping.

Where do you go for the best deals online? Tell us in the comments below.