This spring, we鈥檙e all about updating and decorating our spaces. Whether you鈥檙e settling into a new place or you want in on the redecorating action, we know you want your home to feel鈥 well, homey. One of our favorite ways to make over our home decor is by incorporating vintage pieces into a modern design scheme. We鈥檙e sharing our favorite looks from gorgeous spaces that used vintage decor and nailed it. Scroll on for all the inspo you need to keep your home unique and fresh.

1. Dresser: Take it back to the 鈥60s with this dresser. The best thing about this piece is that it has room for more eclectic pieces. Decorate it with vases and lamps for some extra pizzaz. (via Trendey)

2. Trinkets: Some of us might already collect vintage trinkets. Instead of stashing them in boxes, put them out as decor. A thrift store is a wonderland of diverse trinkets that鈥檒l make your home special. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Dining Table: Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. This dining table has rustic character, and it doesn鈥檛 even require matching chairs. (via Danique van Kesteren)

4. Record Player: Record players bring much more than sound to a place. Showcase your record player in that empty space under a window, and your guests will always have music for making an entrance. (via Design Sponge)

5. Wooden Crates: Instead of regular shelves, opt for wooden crates and paint the insides to add pops of color. They鈥檙e basically begging to be filled with fun pens and notebooks. (via HGTV)

6. Desk: If you鈥檙e hunting for a new desk, a vintage one can easily upgrade the look of your space. It鈥檚 not only functional, but eye-catching too. (via Vintage Revivals)

7. Couch: Retro couches bring a new level of awesome into a living room. Look for one with a bright-colored fabric or print on it. After your couch is set, you can begin playing with the rest of your living room鈥檚 color palette. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Vanity: Vanity pieces do not have to stay in the bedroom. Give your living room some character and transform a vanity into a statement piece by putting one against an empty wall. (via Homestead Seattle)

9. Handkerchiefs: Dedicating a wall to framed vintage handkerchiefs is an easy and inexpensive way to create a one-of-a-kind gallery wall. You can find handkerchiefs and scarves at thrift stores or antique shops. (via House + Home)

10. Maps: Old maps give a room elegance and easily fill in the empty space on your wall. If you like to travel, then looking at a map can serve as inspiration for your next trip. (via Apartment Therapy)

What are some of your best vintage finds, and how did you use them? Tell us or show us in the comments below.