It’s not even Father’s Day yet, but the spotlight is definitely on dads this week. All the celebs who are welcoming new babies into the world (Nate Berkus, Vin Diesel, Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Reynolds, just to name a few) are bringing even more attention to the joys of parenthood and the excitement of being a father. Dad-and-infant moments are just as precious as mommy + me shots, so in honor of the upcoming holiday, here are a few great baby and daddy moments to capture and treasure forever.

1. The Hospital Shot: Who says you have to wait to start capturing moments of your little one? Snag this adorable shot right after delivery. (via Completely Captivating Photography)

hailey faria

2. Family Affair: This one is for well-seasoned dads instead of first-time dads. Get the whole gang together for a sweet family portrait. (via Hailey Faria)

ariel rena

3. Get Candid: Catch candid moments that you’ll want to look back on when that tiny thing is all grown up. (via Ariel Renae)

lori dorman_ the look

4. The Look: Is there anything sweeter than catching a new dad gazing at his newborn? (via Lori Dorman)

for awesome people

5. Hang Back: Some of the best photos of you and your newborn will happen when you fade into the background and just let that new baby take center stage. (via For Awesome People)

laura brett

6. Snuggles: We’re totally swooning over this precious moment shared between daddy and baby. (via Laura Brett Photography)

oh so posh

7. Sit Them Up: If your babe is too tiny to sit on his own, have dad stand behind him for a unique shot. (via Oh So Posh Photography)

lori dorman_the kiss

8. The Kiss: We love the idea of catching a dad giving his babe a sweet kiss. (via Lori Dorman)

kim robbins

9. Spontaneous Moments: New dads are best captured in their element, and that means getting shots in natural environments. (via Kim Robbins Photographer)

mike kremer

10. The Yawn: If you’re patient, you’ll be able to catch the perfect moment, like this adorable yawn. (via Mike Kremer)

sonia boukaia

11. Getting in Close: Have dad and baby come close for an intimate shot. (via Sonia Boukaia)

What adorable father-child moment is a must for you to capture? Let’s chat in the comments below!