Hey friends! Irene here, Production Assistant at Brit + Co. Here in San Francisco, home of Brit + Co HQ, it’s been raining all types of cats and dogs. The best part of the wet weather is that it gives me the excuse to get in my comfiest pants and stay in and craft. The only problem that remains is figuring out what to DIY. Cozy DIYs (like knitting!) are nice, but I’m craving something sunnier. Don’t get me wrong, I love rainy days, but having multiple of them in a row makes me wistful for blue skies, sun and fresh air. If you’re feeling the same way, why not bring the outdoors in? We teamed up with McDonald’s to show you how to DIY a paper orange tree that never wilts!

Isn’t this tree a cutie? There’s nothing like fresh fruit, and for a limited time, McDonald’s Happy Meals® come with Cuties® so your kids can cap off their meal with something juicy and sweet.


This DIY also makes the perfect mom and kid activity. Get creative with the colors and patterns in the paper. Kids have the most active imaginations, so we say the sky’s the limit with this DIY!


Speaking of Cuties®, I think I need one right now…


So easy to make, yet so beautiful.


Happy crafting!

Video Production + Styling: Alonna Morrison

Photography: Brittany Griffin