Travel and newfound knowledge typically go hand-in-hand. Traveling, you tend to pick up on key life skills like how NOT to miss your 5am flight (even though it might feel next to impossible) or how to navigate a city in which you don’t speak the language. However, if you’re looking to pick up a new creative skill on your next vacay AND meet some epic boss buds along the way, we suggest checking out the new travel company Damesly.

Beautiful female tourist with camera

Damesly was founded by travel veterans Kelly Lewis and Alyson Kilday. The idea behind the tour company is simple: Curate epic trips for professional women where they can learn a creative new skill in a new city.

A few trips they currently have on tap include: “Cameras + Canyons,” a trip to the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, where you’ll also learn photography and camera techniques from a professional cinematographer. There is also the “Wine + Design” tour in Buenos Aires, where you’ll be led through design and visual storytelling workshops with the end goal of creating a journalistic travel story for both web and print. Additionally, you can choose from two other tours in Hawaii and Colorado.

Girl on swing bridge New Zealand

Lewis tells us, “Damesly is kind of an extension of the Women’s Travel Fest (another epic event she runs). The focus is really on women who want to make new friends, learn a new skill and also travel the world. It’s more so about the skill and community building than the travel. The destination is almost just like a bonus. I really want it to be women who are able to learn and grow from each other.”

Currently, there are four trips to choose from but there will be more in the near future. The trips range in price, starting at $1,850 and maxing out at $2,900. Head over to Damesly’s site to find out more about each getaway.

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