Whether you’ve been together for 15 days or 15 years, choosing a date night activity can be a stumper. If you’ve done one dinner and a movie night, you’ve basically done them all, right? So why not shake things up a bit and try a couple’s DIY? Not only can you enjoy the end product, but you can overcome the mistakes and laugh through the wrong turns together. From cooking and brewing to printing and building, nothing would bring a couple closer together than one of these fun lil’ DIY Brit Kits.

1. At Home S’mores Kit ($33): Who says you need to be outdoors to make s’mores? Enjoy the comforts of home with the romance of this perfectly bite-sized DIY dessert.

2. Brew Your Own Irish Stout ($45): Sit back, relax and try brewing up an Irish stout that you can both enjoy for a future date night.

3. DIY Ukulele Kit ($40): For the musically savvy couple, this build-your-own-uke kit will be the perfect date night DIY. Get ready for some fun, paint and sweet, sweet tunes.

4. Artisan Hot Sauce Kit ($30): Tired of running out of hot sauce at the most crucial moments (i.e., Taco Night)? Whip up some of your very own hot sauce to spice things up in the kitchen.

5. Wood-Burnt Cutting Board Kit ($50): Bring some tools into the mix for your next date night in. These wood-burnt cutting boards are a fun project that you will enjoy for every appetizer spread from here on out.

6. Goat Cheese Kit ($29): Looking for some cheese to go with that cutting board? Make your own! Once you try this creamy goodness, you will never want to go back to the store-bought stuff.

7. DIY Bacon Kit ($24): Instead of making breakfast the basic way, try making your own bacon as a couple and savoring it for the next few weekends. Because let’s be real: Bacon always tastes better when it’s made with a little love.

8. Craft Your Own Bitters ($65): Instead of just meeting for drinks, make drinks at home by crafting your own special “couples” blend of bitters. Name the cocktail and share your special concoction with friends at your next dinner party.

9. Inkodye Photo Printing Kit ($40): You’ll both have lots of fun with this kit. You could print silly pics of your SO on a t-shirt or pick a cool photo you took on a romantic trip together.

10. DIY Sushi Rolls Kit ($20): Forgo your regular dinner dishes and learn something new by picking up some fish from your local seafood market and rolling up some of this tasty sushi.

11. Homemade Gin Kit ($50): If it’s been an especially hard week, this gin DIY will definitely take the edge off. Get ready for some delicious G+Ts once it’s ready.

12. DIY Etched Whiskey Tumbler Kit ($40): Personalize a matching set of tumblers that you both can enjoy every night.

13. DIY Screen Printing Kit ($70): Stretch your creative muscles by trying your hands at screen printing. Don’t forget to swap your finished products so you both go home with a cute memento from your unique date night experience.

14. DIY Romantic Dinner for Two ($30): If dinner dates are totally your thing, try cooking up a romantic dinner together. We promise it’s a lot easier when it’s laid out for you both in this pretty package.

15. Calligraphy 101 ($20): Okay, technically this is not a kit, but we can’t think of a more hands-on date night than taking a calligraphy class together. And if you are about to say “I do,” ditch the expensive save-the-dates and opt for this this calligraphy class instead.

Which one of these would you try with your SO? Tell us in the comments below.