In case you haven’t heard, it’s officially time to be decorating Easter eggs. No matter if you’re going to get inspired by pointillism, emoji or calligraphy for your egg decorating, at the end of the day, your egg will need a beanie. Yep, you read that right — a beanie. Okay, okay, so your eggs don’t necessarily need beanies, but these lovelies will definitely help you serve cozy eggs… or at least they will be so ridiculously cute that everyone will hope you plan on putting an egg beanie in each and every one of their baskets.

Final Image 3


— old sweater and matching thread

— mint wool yarn

— boiled eggs (learn how to make the perfect boiled egg here)


— sewing machine

— pins

— needle

— tailor’s chalk

— fabric scissors

Step 1


1. Cut off the sleeves of your sweater and use your tailor’s chalk to draw a triangle near the cut. The triangle should be 3 inches wide and 5 inches tall. You should get two triangles out of this.

2. Cut your triangles, pin them together and sew along the edges, leaving the bottom part open.

3. Fold 1/2 inch of fabric from the bottom of your beanie and sew to hem the bottom. Then turn the triangle right side out.

4. It’s time to make a pom pom. You can use pom pom makers or simply wrap yarn around two fingers, make a double knot as shown in the picture below, take the yarn off the fingers and cut all the loops.

5. Finally, use a needle to sew the pom pom into place, and you’re done!

step 2

Let’s make the beanie. Take your old sweater and cut off the sleeves. Then draw a 3-inch by 5-inch-wide triangle using tailor’s chalk. Cut out the two triangles and pin them together. Then use your sewing machine to sew them together, leaving the bottom part open. Use a small stitch or a zig zag and proceed slowly. Then, fold the bottom of the beanie over and sew another line around to hem it and turn it right side out.

Final Image 1

Lastly, make two pom poms. Wrap the yarn around two fingers (you can use a fork as well), slip it off and tie a knot tightly in the center. Cut the loops to reveal a teeny tiny pom pom. Just hand stitch it onto the hat.

Final Image 2

Could an egg look cuter than this?

Have you already started decorating Easter eggs? What’s your favorite technique? Tell us in the comments below.