Eggs are mini canvases ready to be turned into any type of creation. For this artsy Easter egg idea, we were inspired by Georges Seurat, a famous pointillism painter. He created magnificent works of art just by placing small dots next to one another. Now, we are no Seurat, but we decided to take a stab at his technique and even play around with the use of negative space. Eggciting! Let’s get decorating these easy no-dye Easter eggs.



– eggs

– paint pens

– stickers


1. Place sticker on your hard-boiled or blown-out egg.

2. Use the paint pens to cover the surrounding area in dots.

3. Peel off sticker to reveal your pointillism design!


Grab the extra stickers you have lying around and stick them on your eggs. Use a paint pen to create a dense area of dots around the sticker.


Peel off to reveal your design. If you have areas that look more barren, don’t be shy! Go back to fill them in.


Use letter stickers to create pointillism outlines of your initials, or of our initials ;)


Bonus! Don’t use stickers, just use dots! Use different paint pens to create a landscape dot painting just like Seurat himself. Believe me, he would be proud.


These designs are extremely quick to make. A few dots will go a long way.


Eggs are mini canvases — let your inner artist shine!

Share your mini masterpieces with us using the hashtag #iamcreative. Leave questions and comments below!