Smiley face, beating heart, shooting star, hatching chick, chocolate! That’s emoji for, “I am so excited for Easter but mostly for the chocolate! Oh, emoji. They’re so cute and round. And you know what else is round? Easter eggs. So obviously, eggs + emojis = the best Easter eggs ever. We’ve got an emoji printable for you so you can make your very own emoji eggs.



– Brit + Co emoji printable (download here)

– PAAS Egg Dye Kit

– fresh eggs

– distilled white vinegar

– mixing jar


– small sewing scissors (the printout is tiny)

– glue stick


 1. Cut out your paper emojis and put together little faces.

2. Dye your eggs yellow using the PAAS kit or natural dye (check out our veggie dye tutorial here)

3. Allow your eggs to dry on your DIY drying rack.

4. Attach the emoji faces with glue.


Print your Brit + Co emojis and then cut them out using a tiny pair of scissors. We found that this was easier than using an X-acto knife or a regular pair of scissors. Once you have all your pieces, organize them into expressive faces.


Most emoji faces are bright yellow, so we attempted to get the most vibrant shade possible with a PAAS Egg Dye Kit. Pour a bit of distilled white vinegar into a mixing jar. Then add the yellow PAAS tablet and let it dissolve. Lower your egg into the mixture using the tool from the kit. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes to achieve a bright color. Alternatively, you can get a sunny yellow by boiling carrots, turmeric, salt and vinegar, and soaking your egg in the mixture overnight.


When you get the color you want, let your eggs fully dry on an egg drying rack. Don’t have one? Here’s a tutorial!


Now all you need to do is glue your faces to the eggs. There are so many options and silly expressions you can make. Have fun with it!


What are your favorite emoji combos and what do they mean? Emoji us in the comments.