Beauty expert and YouTube star Deepica Mutyala knows plenty about trends and makeup, but when it came to designing her 600-square-foot studio apartment in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, she was stumped. She called in Homepolish designer Amy Row to help turn her tiny apartment into a home that genuinely reflects her personality. Scroll down to see how they transformed Mutyala’s studio into a fierce, feminine oasis that maximizes every square inch. Then, head over to Homepolish to see the rest of the envy-inducing space.

For the design process, Row says she started with a mood board that captured the bright, feminine-chic, California vibe Mutyala wanted.

“The inspiration was bright, bold, and fun, just like Deepica’s personality, so I used mirrors and metallics to really bounce the light and keep the space feeling airy,” Row told Brit + Co.

Designing such a small space was a challenge, but one Row says she had fun with. Her biggest tip when it comes to designing for a small area: “Keep the layout as open as possible, but allow yourself some privacy as we did with the placement of the open shelves creating an alcove for the office, and the floor-to-ceiling drapes around the bed, which gave the illusion of separation.”

Each piece was intentionally selected to be unique, useful, and beautiful in some way. “You can make any space feel like home if you surround yourself with pieces that you love,” Row says.

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(Photos via Genevieve Garruppo/Homepolish)