You may remember the lipstick concealer for dark circles trick that made the web say WHAT last year. The woman behind the hack is YouTube personality Deepica Mutyala, and the original video now has nearly 10 million views! How do you top that? With one of the most powerful viral vids about beauty you鈥檒l click across today, that鈥榮 how.

BeautyIs Deepica

In Deepica鈥檚 latest video, she teams up with two of her fellow fashionistas and beauty gurus 鈥 Lex Fleming of Madeyewlook and CeCe Olisa of Plus Size Princess 鈥 to spread a beauty-full message that aims to empower women of all backgrounds to redefine beauty according to their personal experience. Titled #BeautyIs, the video shares a message that we at Brit + Co can fully get on board with.


鈥淲ith Women鈥檚 Appreciation Day coming up, I wanted to create content that empowered women to realize what beauty is really about,鈥 Deepica shared with us. 鈥淲e all have these insecurities growing up that we beat ourselves up about, but I think as you get older, you realize how silly it all was. Self-bullying is a real thing, and I want girls growing up now to understand that their individuality is the most important thing they can own.鈥

鈥淚 was growing up in one cultural background and then I was going to school and it was a different type of cultural background. I tried so hard to fit in. Bleached my hair, got colored contacts 鈥 BLUE ONES! It was kind of insane.鈥


To see such a raw truth exposed from a woman who has become such an inspirational face in beauty is seriously powerful. And those insecurities Deepica cops to? They helped make her become the YouTube guru we know her as.

鈥淓verything from my childhood, all those insecurities are what brought me here today. You just the way you are 鈥 perfect!鈥 We couldn鈥檛 agree more. Watch Deepica鈥檚 latest video below:

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