To wrap up this week, we have a little Friday treat—as if The BritList wasn’t treat enough! We know you love having a creative desk setup, and that extends to your digital set up too. So we’re revisiting one of our favorite topics—desktop wallpapers! You can see the designs we’ve shared before here, and this time we have a special treat—a Brit + Co. original! You’ll find our very own wallpaper in sizes to suit all your devices at the bottom of this post. And if you want to use any of these larger designs on smaller screens, don’t forget the trick to screenshot it and save it as your wallpaper in your phone or tablet’s settings.

1. Color Blur: These bright backgrounds remind us of charts and graphs or audio tracks. Plus, don’t miss the quote by Sylvia Plath in the corner! (via Design-Milk)

2. Notebook Paper Calendars: Nothing says September and back to school like notebook paper. Visit Red Stamp’s site each month for new calendar wallpapers for all your devices. (via Red Stamp)

3. OS X Mavericks: If you’re a hardcore Apple fan, you can now download the new wallpaper patterns that will come pre-loaded on the next OS X release. It’ll be like looking at the future each day when you boot up your computer. (via Apartment Therapy)

4. Have Lots of Fun: We fully support this sentiment. (via visualize us)

5. Birds by Rafa Jenn: This Chinese proverb is a great reminder of why we’re all creative. (via Design-Milk)

6. Geometric Colors: These bold, colorful graphics are calling our name. (via Baggu)

7. Like a Boss: Show your co-workers you intend to own the day today. This one cracks us up. (via designlovefest)

8. Tribal Print: If you want something more interesting than plain geometrics, go for this vertically striped tribal pattern. (via Handmade in the Heartland)

9. Gather at the Hub: This yellow starburst design is such a cheerful thing to see when you boot up each morning. (via Herman Miller)

10. Watercolor Triangles: There’s something soothing about this geometric pattern. We could stare at it all day. (via designlovefest)

11. Vinyl: Music junkies rejoice! You can at least look at vinyl while you listen to iTunes or Spotify at the office. (via Simple Desktops)

12. Stay Classy: The only way we’d like this wallpaper better is if it said “San Diego” instead of “dahling.” (via Lynn + Lou)

13. Botanical Calendar: Another take on the monthly design, this calendar features a print by Marimekko.(via Marimekko)

14. The Stagette: There’s something stylish and soothing about this faceted stag on a light green background. (via Simple Desktops)

15. Teal Confetti: It’s always party time when this confetti wallpaper is involved. (via Fellow Fellow)

16. Will Bryant Medals: Turn your desktop into a daily ego boost. (via The Fox is Black)

17. Flow Wallpaper: This wallpaper reminds us of the Glowee app we told you about earlier this week. Maybe it’s time to make our own. (via bartelme design)

18. Travel Tags: Dreaming of far away places, keep a reminder on your desktop. Not that you need one! (via The Fox is Black)

19. Laces: This shoelace/argyle design could be handing for organizing your files. Put one folder in each open diamond. (The Fox is Black)

20. Taking Care of Business: This one is obviously meant for your work computer. (The Fox is Black)

Bonus! We have one of our very own for you to download! Get the design for Desktop (large), Desktop (small), Android, iPad, and iPhone 5!

What do you have on your desktop? Share the link to your favorite download in the box below!