With the start of April comes the dreaded task of spring cleaning. While we love sprucing up our homes, sometimes it’s our digital desktops that need the most tidying up.

Here are 30 gorgeous (and free!) desktop wallpapers that’ll make sure you stop suffering from saving-all-your-files-to-your-desktop syndrome. Stay tuned later this month for a whole bunch of wallpapers for your phone and tablet as well!

With each of these wallpapers, you can click the link below each picture to download the correct size wallpaper for your computer. Here’s how to change your wallpaper:

For Windows:

1. Go to the Start button, click Control Panel, then Appearance and Personalization, then Personalization, and then click Desktop Background.

2. Click Browse to search for the picture on your computer. When you find it, double-click it and it will become your desktop background!

3. To adjust sizing, click How should the picture be positioned and choose to have the picture fit the screen, tile, or be centered on the screen, and then click OK.

For Mac:

1. Go to System Preferences, then click Desktop & Screen Saver in the top panel.

2. Click the + sign to search for a picture on your computer. When you find it, click it and click Choose.

3. To adjust sizing, choose between Fill Screen, Fit to Screen, Stretch to Fill Screen, Tile, or Center. That’s it!

1. We Make: So do we! :) (via Mary Kate McDevitt)

2. Flowers + Food Collage: Created by artist Julie Lee, this definitely inspires us to get more experimental with ingredients photos for our food posts. (via The Fox is Black)

3. Dazzling Geometry: This looks like the kind of geometry you’d find in a starry sky. (via Ghostly International)

4. Wonderful: ‘Nuff said. (via Design Love Fest)

5. Happy Halloween: Halloween may be a long time from now but how awesome is this wallpaper? (via The Fox is Black)

6. Marimekko Tilkkutäkki: Can’t get enough of those bright Marimekko textiles in your life? Wallpaper it up. (via Always Mod)

7. Make It Happen: If you need a little motivation throughout your day, make it happen on your desktop. (via Breanna Rose)

8. Hermes Leather: From orange togo calfskin to black crocodile porosus, these leather wallpapers are definitely interesting. (via Hermes)

9. Abstract Neons: Created by Tali Furman, these beautiful neon works will add a punch to your desktop. (via Design Milk)

10. Herman Miller Weaving Community: Sometimes simple geometries are best. (via Herman Miller)

11. Spring Bricolage: We love this combo of found and drawn spring objects. (via Sweet Paul)

12. Stripes + Plaid: Channel your inner pastel prepster with these playful options. (via Eat Drink Chic)

13. Vintage Boat Print: Inspired by vintage fabrics and prints, these boats are lovely. (via Cath Kidston)

14. Design Chairs: If you’re baller enough to be sitting one of these chairs at your desk, we salute you. (via Behance)

15. Enjoy Black Coffee: Speaking of, it’s about time for another coffee run… (via Dear Coffee, I Love You.)

16. Graphic Landscape: We love the playful vibe of this landscape. (via 101 Woonideeen)

17. Beauty: We always recommend taking a minute out of each day to stop and appreciate what’s around you. (via Breanna Rose)

18. Trianglify: More geometry! (via Smashing Magazine)

19. Painted Antlers: Why not make DIY project inspiration the background on your computer? (via Design Love Fest)

20. Marimekko Kompotti: For our second Marimekko option, we’re digging this iconic print. (via Always Mod)

21. Painterly Abstraction: Created by Michael Cina, we could totally get lost in this richly hued painting. (via Ghostly International)

22. Design Attitude: We think our designer, Aaron, would definitely agree. (via Design Milk)

23. Dots Dots Circles: Love the idea of recreating this with actual punched out paper circles and photographing it for wallpaper. (via Breanna Rose)

24. Rose Bunch: Another option with a vintage vibe, we love the muted tones of this rose bunch. (via Cath Kidston)

25. Geometric Desktop: For something simple with a pop, you can always count on the combo of a solid color with white lines. (via How About Orange)

26. Best Friends: Feeling sentimental for your bestie? (via Design Love Fest)

27. Ombre: Obviously we had to have an ombre option on here! :) (via Smashing Magazine)

28. Bicycle Illustration: We’re loving this take on the world in the form of a bicycle by Jude Landry. (via The Fox is Black)

29. Blue Flowers: Flowers on a dude’s head. Why not? (via Design Love Fest)

30. Floral Collage: Finally, this digital collage of florals instantly calms us and happens to by my desktop right now! (via Breanna Rose)

What’s the most gorgeous or creative desktop wallpaper you’ve seen? Share links with us in the comments below.