It’s Friday again—and Friday the 13th no less. We hope none of you suffer from triskadekaphobia! This week we celebrated everything apple (and Apple), upgraded our sweaters and tees, and started thinking about Halloween with no-carve pumpkins, DIY decor ideas, and spooky cupcakes. Somehow, we still found time to scour the Internet to find some of the wackiest and coolest new stuff that exists. So without further ado…


($16): Whatever your fave flavor—


, or

—these candy candles are sweet!

2. Super Mario Kart Acapella: Pitch Perfect has nothing on this geek-tastic acapella. Think he’d make it into the Treble Makers?

3. Wearables for the Modern Nomad: This jacket that turns into a full-on tent gives new meaning to “Hobo Chic.”

4. Morning Chicness Bags ($8): Pregnant? Prone to car sickness? Order your own supply of, ahem, barf bags. They come in a ton of pretty patterns, obviously.

5. Cher Horowitz on Instagram: Think the crew from Clueless would just be posting selfies? As if! We’re totally buggin’ that this feed isn’t real. (via BuzzFeed)

6. Golden Snitch Engagement Ring: Whoever made this nerdy ring based on the Quidditch ball is a total catch! (via Laughing Squid)

7. Paperback Notepad ($7): Sticky notes for your iPhone? Genius! Grocery and to-do lists will never be the same.

8. Poo-Pourri ($6): We just can’t make this stuff up. Specialized “toilet deodorizers” in scents like Potty Mouth, Royal Flush, No. 2, and Doody Free actually exist. WTF?


: Finally a “chalkboard” project you can eat. Consider this our new favorite cake. (via


10. The Little Mermaid App: First, The Little Mermaid is returning to theaters. Second, you’re encouraged to bring your iPad and unlock surprises under the sea while you watch. Movie-going has never been better. (via TheVerge)

11. Hello Kitty Beer: Apparently the Sanrio mascot has finally come of age. But she still prefers fruit-flavored beers. (via Perez Hilton)

What was your favorite find from the Internet this week? Share the link in the box below!