Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday used to honor the recently departed and ancestors from generations past. To celebrate this cycle of life, the skull (AKA calavera) is used as a symbol for everything from masks to decor and even food. From acid-bright colors to pretty rhinestones, these tutorials will bring your look to the next level. To help get you started, here are 14 of our fave YouTube tutorials. Watch ’em to get inspired, or challenge yourself to follow along and try out the looks for yourself.

1. Ombre Eyes + Purple Lips: Our girl Michelle does not disappoint when it comes to her sugar skull tutorial. She’ll teach you how to get those mesmerizing blue ombre eyes and spooky purple lips. (via Michelle Phan)

2. Basic Coral + Mint: When in doubt, always go with the unexpected. This tutorial is simple and unique, and has one of our all-time favorite color combos: mint and coral. (via Maya Mia)

3. Butterfly-Inspired: Bonnie Corban is a SUPER talented makeup artist. Case in point: this phenomenal butterfly-inspired masterpiece. Emerge from your Dia de los Muertos cocoon and spread your beauty wings with her tutorial. Pair it with a flower crown and some stunning butterfly wings to complete the look. (via Bonnie Corban SFX)

4. Purple and Orange: We’re into the warm, vibrant tones and the artful shading around the eyes. Let Lolo teach you how to paint and blend your way to a totally gorgeous sugar skull. If you are more into the cool colors, switch out the orange and yellow for teal and blue instead. (via Lolo Love)

5. Skeleton: This tutorial explains how to pull off a more realistic look. We are loving the cracks on the chin, non-painted eyes and mermaid hair. (via Chrisspy)

6. Half-Face Dia de los Muertos: We are big fans of the half-painted sugar skull, and Ramona’s pink-y-purple beauty is no exception. Paired with an all-black ensemble and a magenta and purple flower crown, this look is elegant yet spooky. (via Ramona Michelle)

7. Day of the Dead Bride: In true Dia de los Muertos fashion, this classic tutorial will help you bring the drama without all that color. Feel free to add a few clear rhinestones or a red flower crown for some more pizzaz. (via Bonnie Corban SFX)

8. Men’s Catrin Sugar Skull: Because when else do you get the chance to paint a Dali-esque ‘stache on your face? We are digging the big red rhinestones paired with the simple B+W canvas in this tutorial. Oh, and the music is pretty great too ;) (via Venus Ocean)

9. Rhinestone Face: Okay, this one might be a *bit* much, but if you are looking to stun (or blind people) in the photo booth, it’s just the thing. Feel free to go all-out rhinestone with this color scheme or a different one entirely. All you’ll need are paints, tweezers, eyelash glue and LOTS of rhinestones. (via Made U Look)

10. Partial Sugar Skull: Now here’s a style you don’t see often. With its corpse bride-like vibe and bright red bottom lip, this partial skull is frightening in all the right ways. (via Briana Jazmine)

11. Black Light Sugar Skull: This one is super fun if you’re going to be attending a party where you know there will be a black light. All you’ll need is glow-in-the-dark makeup, a pretty flower crown and a bit of imagination. (via Giselle Ugarte)

12. La Catrina Sugarskull: Glitter sugar skull FTW. Maria Luso will show you how to sparkle your way to the most gorgeous sugar skull in all the land. Warning: it might make all your other muertos buds super jealous. (via Maria Luso)

13. Flower Petal Eyes: You wear flowers in your hair, so why not paint ’em on your eyelids too? This pretty petal tutorial has gorgeous shading, bright pops of color and the obligatory spiderweb forehead. (via Alison Loves JB)

14. Sketch Sugar Skull: Absolutely stunning. This sketch-like sugar skull might take a little more time, but it would be totally worth it for the wow factor. The paper flower crown is an easy DIY. Pair with an all-white ensemble to take the look to a whole other level. (via Ana Arthur)

Are you going to a Dia de los Muertos part this year? Which tutorial will you be using? Let’s talk all this muertos in the comments below.