Say goodbye to analog combo locks. We may have just found the lock of the future. Introducing the MasterLock dialSpeed, an electronic combination lock for the digital era. We decided to give this high-tech gadget a go at Brit HQ. Here’s how it went, and what we learned.

Let’s talk looks. The dialSpeed is made out of “hardened boron alloy shackle.” We’re not sure what that means, but it sounds serious and dependable. It’s also sleek and shiny with an LED display. Bonus: The keypad lights up when you input your combination.

What about security? The dialSpeed comes with a USB drive. You can use it to connect to the Vault site in order to access your Backup Master Code (never forget your code again!) and use it for online data storage. There’s also a Vault app, so you can access your passwords and saved documents anywhere, anytime. Win.

Your personalized code can be between four and twelve positions in length. There are letters and numbers on the dialSpeed display but you program your code using the directional arrows, eg. “LEFT-LEFT-UP-RIGHT-RIGHT.” We love the arrow option because, let’s be honest, who could really remember their locker combos in middle school? Was it 37-43-28 right, left, right? Or was it left, right, left? Seriously. How did anyone ever get their lockers open without a trip to the janitor’s office?

You can also program up to three guest codes. This is perfect if you share a storage locker with family members or an important file cabinet with employees. Everyone can use their own unique combo to access the same lock.

Our favorite things about the dialSpeed? We love the arrow combinations, the Backup Master Code, and the aesthetic. It’s also fast, easy to use (with one hand!) and has a battery life of five years. Not bad. What’s not so great about this digital padlock? The dialSpeed is for indoor use only. We’re bummed because we feel like it would be great for front doors, sheds, fences, and the like. But, with a retail price of $15.99 (it’s been marked down from a steep $40), we think it would be the perfect gift for any of your tech-savvy friends.

Have you tried using a digital combination lock? Talk to us in the comments below!