Dinosaur-related anything is the classic Halloween costume you never knew you always needed — and not just among little boys. Don’t believe us? Well, then, for all the proof you need, simply turn to pop culture. Aside from life-size pumpkin dinosaurs and dino-inspired fashion, they’ve even photobombed their way into a few celebrity selfies (the surest stamp of the public’s approval). Since our prehistoric dino-friends really are such a hit among folks of all ages, we thought we’d step up our dino-game this year, just in time for Halloween. In the spirit of dinosaur fandom, here are nine Halloween costumes for dino-lovers of all ages.

1. Hatching Dinosaur Baby Costume: If you’re dressing up your family’s newest member this Halloween, consider including a partial eggshell. It’s the cutest and punniest way to enhance the costume.

Homemade Triceratops Halloween Costume

2. Homemade Triceratops Costume: Your fave dinosaur says a lot about you. This little boy is all of us in his adorable triceratops costume. The entire look is homemade too, so you can DIY one for yourself. (via Coots in the Capital)

DIY Dinosaur Halloween Costume

3. DIY Dinosaur Costume: This T-Rex costume will make your little one feel larger-than-life. There is so much cuteness happening in this pic that we can’t even. (via Active Rain)

Plush Green Dinosaur Kids Halloween Costume

4. Forum Novelties Plush Green Dinosaur Costume ($35): We know — you’re busy. So if you don’t have the time to fashion your own dino creation, this costume is a stellar option and can be bought online. Ka-ching!

5. Dino Pup: Who wouldn’t love a dinosaur this cute?! Not to mention that dogs make the perfect dinosaurs come All Hallow’s Eve — I mean they already know how to wag their tails and everything.

DIY Bike Dinosaur Halloween Costume

6. DIY Dino-Bike: Here’s a dude who won us over by building the best dino-bike ever. There’s nothing more attractive in a man than seeing him ride on the back of a pesky little raptor. (via Markusmoestue)

DIY Dinosaur Tail Halloween Costume

7. DIY Dino Tails: Dino tails are so. much. fun. This DIY makes for a Halloween-themed fashion accessory that your kids will want to wear year round. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Thesaurus Dinosaur Halloween Costume

8. Thesaurus: This is the perfect pun-filled costume for any brainiac-o-saurus! Combine your love of words with a distinctly prehistoric theme and you’ve got yourself a Tyrannosaurus-thesaurus hybrid. (via n00brarian)

Dinosaurs and Trainers Halloween Costumes

9. Dinosaurs + Trainers: Your wild ones will totally dig this ferocious family costume. This epic group look is outta this (Jurassic) world! (via Jackie Vest)

Did any of these dinosaur looks tickle your fancy? Show us which look you try on Pinterest!