Were you that kid or did you know one (maybe your own kid!) who refused to wear regular clothes and only would wear a superhero costume (like the kind with the fake muscles) or a ballet tutu? We鈥檝e all seen those kids running around the supermarket. And you know what? We love them! Way to be creative, little ones :) Often times, kids get their *fashion sense* from characters they see in books, games and movies, so today, we鈥檙e going to teach you how to make a wardrobe accessory that鈥檚 perfect for your fashion-forward, character-loving child. With help from our friends at Disney鈥ixar, we present a DIY dinosaur tail perfect for those kids who loved The Good Dinosaur.聽Your kids will love being Arlo or Ramsey. But聽be warned 鈥 they might be wearing their Arlo tail to bed. Order your聽copy of the聽The Good Dinosaur聽today at Disney.com. It鈥檚聽available聽on Blu-ray鈩, Digital聽HD & Disney Movies Anywhere February 23rd! Yay!


Grab your materials and shake a tail feather鈥 err, scale? Let鈥檚 do this!

Materials and Tools:

鈥 two shades of green felt (or red and orange for the other dinos)

鈥 fabric scissors

鈥 pen

鈥 elastic聽strap

鈥 hot glue gun

鈥 safety pin



1. Draw the shape of a dinosaur tail on your light green felt, making sure to leave an extra 2-3 inches at the top 鈥 this part will be folded over. Cut out your tail.

2. Draw nebulous shapes on the dark green felt and cut them out.

3. Adhere the shapes聽to your聽tail with hot glue.

4. Fold the top edge over and hot glue it in place. Be sure the gap is wide enough for the elastic聽strap!

5. Measure your child鈥檚 waist and cut a piece of elastic聽strap that is slightly longer (we鈥檒l tie it, so it will wind up being a bit smaller). Add a safety pin to the end of the elastic聽strap, then file the strap through the top of the tail.

6. Remove the safety pin and tie the ends of the elastic strap together. Finally, rotate the strap so that the tied portion is covered by the folded part of the tail.


When you鈥檙e drawing your shapes, think about the texture of a dinosaur. Vary the size and shape of each piece and leave room between each one to mimic dino scales.


Double check that your elastic聽strap fits before you glue this piece down.


It鈥檚 so much easier to file the elastic through the tail with a safety pin on the end. It鈥檚 all about the tips and tricks!


Once the elastic is secure, have your little one step into it and wear it around his/her waist.


Two little dinosaurs just hanging out!


Steer clear of this prehistoric guy. Not only is he聽ferocious with those claws, but he also has mad hops :) Oh wait, it鈥檚 Arlo 鈥 the kindest, most lovable dinosaur out there.

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This post is a collaboration with Disney鈥ixar.

漏 2016 Disney鈥ixar

DIY Production and Styling: Maddie Bachelder and Anita Yung

Photography: Chris Andre