One of the best parts of being young was wearing a tutu whenever and wherever you wanted. Who doesn鈥檛 love an accessory that instantly turns you into a princess? For this DIY remix we are adding one of our favorite color craft accessories into the tutu mix. Your little DIYer will love how the pom-poms prance around with her. On top of that 鈥 you鈥檒l never believe it 鈥 this DIY is so easy you could whip up 10 to give away as goody bag favors. You鈥檒l be the best mama out there for giving your little one an ultimate princess party.


鈥 tulle

鈥 pom-poms

鈥 elastic


鈥 sewing machine

鈥 fabric scissors

鈥 pins


1. Measure out long rectangles of tulle. The size will depend on your little DIYer, but we went with 36 x 24 inches. Cut out four rectangles.

2. Fold the tulle in half and stack on top of each other. Fold down the top of the tulle to form a 1-inch band. Pin in place and sew.

3. Dump your pom-poms into the first layer of tulle. The more pom-poms the better =)

4. Cut the elastic to fit your little one鈥檚 belly. Remember elastic stretches, so you鈥檒l want the elastic to be 1-2 inches smaller than their waist measurement. Weave the elastic through the waist band and sew the ends together.

5. Pin the edges of the tutu closed and sew.


Take some quick measurements to find an appropriate length for your tutu. There is really no wrong answer to these measurements. Regardless, the tulle will bunch up to make a full tutu which can be long like a princess or short like a ballerina. Ours measured 24 x 36 inches. Cut four of these rectangles, fold them in half, and stack them on top of each other.


Fold the top down to form a 1-inch waistband. Pin and sew.


Dump the poms into the first layer of tulle. The more poms the better!


Cut a piece of elastic to fit your child鈥檚 waist. Remember that it stretches, so cut it about two inches smaller than their waist measurement. Weave the elastic through and sew the ends together.


Pin and sew the edge of the tulle together to form your tutu. Make sure you are sewing on the correct side of the skirt.


So cute!


Henley is mesmerized by the pom-poms :)


She just can鈥檛 stop!


What other fun items would you put inside a tutu? Toss your ideas in the comment pot.