You don’t need to wait ’til Halloween to dress up — or more specifically, to dress up like your favorite prince or princess. Since it’s summer, we decided to create swimsuits inspired by our favorite Disney royalty. These coordinating suits are the perfect addition to a themed bachelorette party or a 30th birthday. Grab your crew and get ready to DIY and dress up like the Disney stars that you were truly born to be.


Materials and Tools:

Wrap the chiffon fabric around your shoulder and tie into a knot. Sew this knot into the center of the top of the suit. Cover the knot with yellow pearl beads to give it that classic Belle flair.

Let the yellow fabric drape off your shoulders to create the perfect suit for getting whisked away on the dance floor — or a great suit to avoid tan lines :)

Grab a book and get lost in your own adventure.


Materials and Tools:

Use Fabri-Tac to glue white stretchy lace to the leg holes of the bathing suit. Cut two pieces of blue spandex fabric into a half-circle shape — glue one edge to the front of the bathing suit and the other edge to the back.

The spandex fabric will drape over your hips and give you that fancy Cinderella glow.

No need to worry about losing a glass slipper when hanging out at the pool — it’s a glass-free zone ;)


Materials and Tools:

Sew the gold button into the middle of the top edge of the bathing suit. Cut two pieces of tulle that are the length of the circumference of your arm — tie together and glue on the sides of the bathing suit.

Netted tulle is the perfect material for adding detailing on bathing suits — it’s super lightweight and will dry very quickly.

Just looking for Aladdin to help show us the world.


Materials and Tools:

Tape or hand paint triangles to the top of the bikini. Cut out a rectangle that measures the length of your hips and four inches wide. Cut out triangles to create a pendant flag waistband, and glue onto the waistband of the bathing suit. When gluing, attach every other inch to the waistband of the suit. This will allow the bathing suit to properly stretch.

This crisscross suit is the perfect piece to express your sassy inner Tinkerbell.

This Tinkerbell chooses a life of swimming in the sea instead of flying in the air.


Materials and Tools:

Cut out long ovals from your scuba material and glue onto the cups of the bathing suit to create shells. Paint purple. Cut out small scales from the shiny green fabric and glue onto the bathing suit bottoms to create the look of a mermaid tail.

Splish, splash in this Ariel-inspired bathing suit that allows you full motion of your legs. No need for an actual mermaid tail — that sounds like a lot of ab work to stay afloat.

But a dinglehopper is a must.

Peter Pan

Materials and Tools:

Use painters tape to mark off triangles along the waistband of the bathing suit. Paint with green fabric paint. Once dry, remove the tape.

That must be Neverland that we see!

PS: If you have the Peter Pan hat — you probably should also wear it. It’ll really help you fly.

Prince Eric

Materials and Tools:

Cut a piece of red fabric that is six inches tall and the width of your waist. Stretch the waistband over a piece of cardboard and glue on the red fabric band.

Prince Eric — ready to win over every princess’s heart.

Searching for the voice of his beloved Ariel.

Eric: “I know she is out there — I must find her!” Ariel: “Eric! I’m right here!”

Grab your fellow royals and get ready to hit the beach.

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
 Hair and Makeup: Eliza Veal
Photography: Brittany Griffin and Kurt Andre
Modeling: Ashley Perlman, Natasha Thomas, Sacha Duchene, Kelly Bryden, Sean Griffis, Isabelle Ellingson, Nick Palacio

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