This Halloween season, Disneyland is truly stepping it up in the food department, including fall-inspired pumpkin churros and a glow-in-the-dark Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket. But not all of their October goodies are treats… in fact, their latest Halloween cocktail is definitely more of a trick.

If you’re looking for more adult fare, the “Halloween Specialty Cocktail” is just what you need — that is, if you can handle how spooky it is.

For a limited time, visitors can sip on the $14 beverage at the Cove Bar restaurant in Disney’s California Adventure Park. It’s a vodka and Chambord concoction, tinted dark purple to give it that eerie feel, and features a totally gross eyeball garnish in the bottom of the glass. If you’re fully freaked out, worry not: The “eyeball” is merely a dyed maraschino cherry stuffed in a lychee.

DISNEYLAND RESORT PARIS, PARIS, ILLE DE FRANCE, FRANCE - 2008/10/10: Entrance to the Disneyland Resort Paris theme park decorated for Halloween. (Photo by Pawel Libera/LightRocket via Getty Images)

This cocktail was made for your nighttime haunts, because a strategically placed glowing ice cube helps it light up in the dark.

The restaurant is also serving up Ghost-ly Pepper Nachos for the full Halloween experience, so Disney fans, get yourselves to the parks immediately… we’re watching you!

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(Photo via Pawel Libera/Getty)