What would a whole month of spooky sweets be without some spiked ones? Here are 12 that we’re digging from all over the web. Stay tuned for a whole week of Halloween cocktails as we count the days to Halloween weekend!

1. Zombie Jello Shots: We’ll kick it off with a little recipe we like to call, Thriller in Jello Shot Form. These zombie shots feature green jello topped with crushed Oreos for a little earth illusion, and white chocolate skeletons for garnish. (Recipe and photo: E is for Eat)

2. Witches Brew: Rum punch is always a party go-to. Spook yours up with gummy worms and other gummy versions of things that go bump in the night. (Photo: Societe Perrier)

3. Midnight Mary #3: This savory cocktail combines heirloom tomatoes and basil with a dose of aquavit magic. (Recipe and photo: Esquire)

4. Drunken Spider: The rich color of this one comes from Creme de Cassis and pomegranate juice. Mmm! Garnish with a black licorice spider (made from Twizzler’s Pull N’Peel, we think!). (Recipe and photo: Talk of Tomatoes)

5. Jello Shot Syringes: Eeek! These are a bit beyond spooky, don’t you think? (Recipe and photo: Halloween Forum)

6. Pumpkintini: Remember this tipsy take on the Pumpkin Spice Latte? Yum! Perfect for fall, winter, and even the beginning of spring. (Recipe and photo: Brit + Co.)

7. Brains!: These shots combined peach schnapps, lime juice, and Bailey’s with rather curdling results. (Recipe and photo: Not Martha)

8.Brew-Ha-Ha Punch: Halloween is all about the dry ice. Nothing really beats a cauldron of smoking punch, even if that punch is non-alcoholic. Of course, we recommend spiking this one up with a little tequila. (Recipe and photo: Southern Living)

9. Devilish Martini: The most devilish thing about this is that they’ve decided to make a martini with rum. Unheard of! But probably delicious. (Recipe and photo: Food Network TV)

10. Shrunken Heads in Cider: More a party trick than a cocktail recipe, this is a great garnish for mulled cider, sangria, or even champagne. (Recipe and photo: Martha Stewart)

11. Dark and Spooky: What do you get when you add a gummy spider and black sanding sugar to a regular dark and stormy? Dark and spooky! Simple, clever, and still delicious. (Recipe and photo: Claire Robinson for Food Network)

12. Butterfinger Jello Shots: Wait, what? Butterfinger Jello Shots that also happen to look like super creepy fingers? Ok maybe they’re not so chocolatey and look rather buttery, but we’re still signing up. (Recipe and photo: Good Cocktails)

What are your favorite punches, cocktails, and brews to serve for All Hallow’s Eve? Talk to us in the comments below.