Remember when barking, 鈥淢ind your own beeswax!鈥 at someone was a total schoolyard diss? Well nowadays whenever someone hits us with that, we gladly accept. Why? Because beeswax is only just about the coolest thing ever. Not only is it made by incredible little worker bees, but it鈥檚 also THE ingredient in just about every skincare formula one famous Burt can get his hands on (including our all time favorite lip balm). But why go to Burt for all your skincare needs when you can mind your own beeswax at home with these 16 DIY recipes.

1. Bug Bite + Sting Balm: There鈥檚 nothing better than an all-day BBQ鈥 unless you鈥檙e a mosquito鈥檚 one and only. Fear not. In under 15 minutes, you鈥檒l be fully equipped to forget it ever happened.聽(via Hello Natural)

2. Lip Balm: Fact. There is no such thing as too many lip balms. Isn鈥檛 that actually written down as law somewhere? It should be. And there鈥檚 no reason you shouldn鈥檛 be whipping up batches of your own customized jars. (via Fellow Fellow)

3. Hair Pomade: We don鈥檛 know about you, but we鈥檝e been secretly sneaking our fellas鈥 stash of pomade for years. But we鈥檙e about to stop that and get our sticky fingers on this DIY instead. (via Goldmine)

4. Solid Perfume: Nothing says ladylike more than the wafting hint of that certain je ne sais quoi. That scent that鈥檚 all your own. Are we right or what? We can鈥檛 think of a better way to be the cah-lassiest broad you can be than with a customized perfume. Work it. (via Free People)

5. Sunscreen: That鈥檚 right ladies. Sunscreen. Every single day. And if it鈥檚 going to be our official bestie, we want to make sure it鈥檚 au naturale. Seriously, nobody wants their pores all clogged with chemical mumbo jumbo. Squeaky clean or BUST. (Homegrown + Healthy)

6. Sunscreen Lotion Bars: Sunscreen bottles can be soooo heavy, can鈥檛 they? Well maybe not, but we want our sun care to be as easy peasy as can be. We can pretty much guarantee it doesn鈥檛 get any easier than this. (via Mommypotamus)

7. Drawing Salve: Alright our little DIY-ers. This one goes out to you. Picture this. A salve that helps your woodcarving hands 鈥渄raw鈥 out all those stubborn little splinters that have made a home in your fingers and palms. Ain鈥檛 no stoppin鈥 you now. (via The Nerdy Farm Wife)

8. Healing Salve: If you鈥檙e clumsy and you know it clap your hands. No worries. So are we. Baking burns. Knee scrapes. Cooking cuts. You name it, and this stuff will heal it. That鈥檚 right. This is the no-holds-barred backup to living life to the fullest (sometimes too full). (via Crunchy Betty)

9.聽Lavender Lotion Bars: Listen. We鈥檙e as sad about saying goodbye to summer as you are. But we鈥檙e pretty stoked to give our sun-soaked skin and sandal battered feet some TLC. Our favorite way to show our parts some post summer love? Lavender. Lotion. Bars. Period. (via聽Gourmande intThe Kitchen)

10. Whiskey + Woodsmoke Beard Balm: Have you paired yourself with a downright lumberjack who sports a beard unlike any other? Surprise him with this all powerful tamer of unruly face hair. Maybe even help him put some on. After all, that beautiful beard can鈥檛 balm itself, now can it? (via Transient Expression)

11. Shaving Cream: This stuff looks good enough to eat! But don鈥檛 be fooled by its creamy parfait-like appearance. Snacking is not allowed. What IS allowed is throwing it on all those shave-friendly parts and watching as they transform into your silkiest and softest bits and pieces ever. (via Mommypotamus)

12.聽Homemade Deodorant: It鈥檚 inevitable. At some point in our lives, whether we admit it or not, we have all spent a day (gulp) sans deodorant. We know. How terrifying. Lucky for us we鈥檝e found a way to make sure we never put ourselves, or anyone else, through that again. 10 minutes to shame-defying freedom. (via聽The Crunchy Urbanite)

13. Belly Balm: Technically this is meant for moms to be, aka ladies with a little baby bump, but truth be told, it sounds delightful even if you don鈥檛 have a bun in the oven. You mean that someone could actually just give us a good ol鈥 tummy massage? Just because? Ahem. Where do we sign up? And where鈥檚 our favorite crop top? (via Thank Your Body)

14.聽Cellulite Buster Bronzing Caffeine Butt(er) Bar: Wait, are we dreaming? Slathering this faux peanut butter cup all over gets rid of our dimples (not the cute ones) AND gives us a natural glow? Step aside orange peel. We鈥檝e got caffeine on our side! (via聽Hello Natural)

15. Dreamy Sleep Salve: It鈥檚 as magical as it sounds. Yep. A salve that you slather on your feet, or any other parts for that matter, that instantly inspires your body to fall asleep. Sounds like some straight-up James-Bond-typestuff to us. Whether you鈥檙e rocking the inner spy or the inner simply-exhausted look, this is a good tool to keep in your arsenal. (via One Good Thing)

16. Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm: Everyone knows that the secret to making anything delightful is to throw some pumpkin in it. Coffee. Candles. Body lotion. Lip balm. If it鈥檚 got pumpkin, we鈥檒l take it. What鈥檚 that? A lip balm that tastes like pumpkin pie? And you鈥檙e saying it鈥檚 perfectly paired with an edible pumpkin lip scrub? Yes. Yes. And yes. (via Hello Natural)

What鈥檚 your favorite way to mind your own beeswax? Share down below!