We’re sure you know that we love to cozy up to a little DIY beauty project. From face scrubs to body butters (and a whole lot of lemons), we’ve got homemade beauty recipes in spades. And with summer finally hitting its stride, we think a new roundup is in order: DIY sunscreens in all shapes and sizes. Straightforward, fun and practically certified paraben-free, these recipes are easy on your summer skin and your wallet. So whether you’re hoping to skip the chemicals or simply love a good kitchen-based beauty endeavor, here are 10 recipes for sun defense just waiting to be whipped up.

1. DIY All-Natural Face Moisturizer With Sunscreen: This recipe for all-natural moisturizer combines a few basic ingredients (including rosehip seed oil and lavender, which sounds kind of dreamy) with a touch of lightweight sunscreen for a simple two-in-one skincare product. (via The Wellness Doer)

2. Ultra Moisturizing Natural Sunscreen: Two versions of this DIY are ready for you to make, one with moisture-rich ingredients like olive oil and shea butter, and one with a lotion substitution. (via I Am Healthy Wealthy + Wise)

3. Smooth Finish DIY Organic Foundation with Sunscreen: The name says it all. Beauty and skincare in one homemade package. (via Scratch Mommy)

4. Meadowfoam Sunscreen DIY: Each of the ingredients in this homemade sunscreen have natural UV protection, making it a worthwhile project with or without the addition of zinc oxide. (via Sweet Roots)

5. All Natural SPF Sun Oil: Accompanied by an explanation of several different essential oils and ingredients + their approximate SPFs, this sun oil has an SPF of at least 30 and a sweet, refreshing scent. (via Free People BLDG 25 Blog)

6. DIY Sunscreen: Rave reviews, apricot oil and a blogger who practically promises that the zinc oxide will not turn your skin permanently white. Say no more. (via Scratch Mommy)

7. Homemade Lotion Bar Recipe: It’s hard not to love a good moisturizing cream, but this bar lasts longer than traditional lotion and does double duty as a great gift. Check the customization notes for tips on how to turn them into sunscreen bars. (via Everyday Paleo)

8. Homemade Lip Balm: A sweet-sounding Burt’s Bees look-alike, this DIY lip balm has a light SPF thanks to its coconut oil. Perfect for keeping lips moisturized and free of sunburn. (via Fimby)

9. Homemade Almond Coconut Sunscreen: Instead of beeswax, this homemade sunscreen calls for a natural candle, which also cuts out the extra step of adding essential oils for scent. (via The Chalkboard)

10. Sunburn Relief Spray with Essential Oils: We would never send you into the sun without a little just-in-case skin-saving backup. Because, sometimes, sunburn happens. And this spray can help. (via DoTerra Blog)

Which skin-saving DIY has got you sifting through your kitchen supplies? Let us know in the comments below!