How did summer pass us by so quickly? Seems like only yesterday we were dusting off our beach hats, pulling out our favorite sundresses, and making absolutely sure our mani-pedis were in tip top shape. Never know when you’ll be invited to an impromptu BBQ, right? Though we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the season that’s given us Shark Week and summer Fridays, we’re not ready to throw the towel in just yet! Here are 14 cute and cropped reasons to keep that summer wardrobe out just a few weeks longer.

1. Cutout Keith Haring ($12): Besides sporting one mega awesome street-style graphic all-over Keith Haring print, it’s only $12. So no matter how much money you spent on gas during your summer road trip, you can still afford this.

2. Sarusa Bohemian Print Palm Detail ($27): You get all the bonus points if you decide to get the matching shorts for a totally ace summer look.

3. Magnolia Crop Top ($125): It’s all ruffles and whimsey around here. Just how we like it. This top will go with just about every set of adorable bottoms you’ve got.

4. Mochi Jaipur Crop Top In Cream ($80): Full blown color meets embroidery. This adorable crop top not only channels our inner Frida, but will play nice with every single pair of sandals in your closet. We promise.

5. Reverse Juicy Fruit Top ($48): It doesn’t get more summer than this. Whether you are embracing your inner watermelonholic or simply looking to make an entrance, this is the top that will get it done.

6. Fashion Union Crop Top ($30): Who doesn’t love a curved hem, right? Pair this cutie with a high-waisted skirt for a perfectly sculpted game of peek-a-boo.

7. Persuasion Lace ($52): Got an end of summer wedding to attend? There’s a crop top for that.

8. Ottoman Stripe ($60): Depending on your work environment, this look could even be considered office appropriate, and seeing as it’s a knit, you can probably take it into fall with you as well. We suggest doing that.

9. Abstract Zippered ($20): A top that we can get away with wearing our sports bra with? Yeah, we’re into that. (What?!?! They’re comfy!)

10. Pretty Petals Crop Tank ($24): Get your farmer girl on with these smocked straps and pink petals. Peasant skirt or overalls are welcome.

11. Reflective Palm Print Crop Top ($20): Sunsets and palm trees? You got it. Because at some point we’ve all wished we could be California girls.

12. Crop Top With Bardot Sweetheart Neckline ($19): We’re not sure what we love more. The sweetheart neckline or the gigantic lemon wedges that make us want to open a lemonade stand.

13. Flower Embellished Bralet ($28): Unleash your inner flower girl with this dainty bralet. Rock on with your embellished petal self!

14. Reclaimed Vintage Bralet ($37): Old vintage meets new vintage. This sweetheart bandeau will make you look so cute you’ll wish you were lost on Gilligan’s Island.

What’s your favorite way to hang on to summer? Share your thoughts below!