DIY This Cozy Scarf + Three Ways to Wear It
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DIY This Cozy Scarf + Three Ways to Wear It

As the briskness of winter settles right in, we’re pulling out all of our favorite cozy winter hats and scarves, but who’s to say we don’t need a little re-up for the new year? The blanket scarf is here to the rescue. We turned a few of our sweaters into no-sew beanies a while ago, and now we’re looking to the perfect wooly fabric to make our brand new blanket scarf.

Materials + Tools:


1. Take your fabric and start with the bottom edge. Pull out one or two of the horizontal threads to create fray.

2. Keep pulling out threads until your fray is the length you want.

3. Repeat with the upper edge.

4. Secure everything in place by adding a simple stitch at the upper and bottom corners.

First, be picky when you choose the fabric. It has to be soft and it has to be woven so that it has horizontal and vertical threads that can be pulled out to create fringe. Now start with a rectangle that is 5 x 5 feet wide and pull out one or two of the horizontal threads to create fray. Keep pulling out threads until the fabric is frayed to your liking. The fray on my blanket scarf is about one inch long. Then repeat on the other side to complete the scarf. Lastly, secure everything in place by adding a simple stitch at the corners.

To wear your scarf, hold it across to create a triangle, grab the two far ends of the triangle with each hand and cross them behind your head. Pull them to the front and you’re done!

Another cozy way to wear it is to create the triangle and slide it to the back, as shown below. Then pull the ends around the front and accentuate the waistline with a belt — perfect when it’s chilly outside ;)

Lastly, you can opt for the easiest way: Fold the scarf several times, as shown below, to create a thinner piece, wrap it all around your neck and hide the ends. You’re done!

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