You and your bestie go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows, like a Christmas tree and ornaments, like Mindy Kaling and Wreath Witherspoon. And so there’s no better way to celebrate your friendship than with a matching gift that shows what perfect P.I.C.s you two really are. We know you’re around each other all the time (and Snapchatting it up when you’re not within arm’s reach), so make your go-to gift these custom beanies that you can DIY in the five minutes she steps out to grab you a gingerbread latte (awww, thanks girl!). Don’t even think about lugging out your sewing machine — just grab an iron and felt letters to personalize these cute winter accessories.

final image 5


– beanies

– iron-on letters

– a piece of cotton fabric


– scissors

– iron

step 1

1. Decide what your beanie is going to say and cut out the appropriate letters.

2. Place your letters on the beanie with the felt side facing down.

3. Cover your letters with a piece of cotton fabric and iron for about a minute and a half.

4. Turn your beanie inside-out and iron over the lettered area for another 20 seconds.

5. Let the beanie completely cool and peel off the backing from the letters. Repeat all the steps for your bestie!


Once you’ve decided on the perfect phrase to put on your beanies (seasonal sayings, nicknames or inside jokes always work best), find the required letters from the iron-on letter sheet and arrange them on the beanie. Once you’re happy with the placement, iron those babies on using a piece of cotton fabric as a heat protector. Once you think they’re well bonded, flip the beanie inside out and iron the lettered area on that side just to be sure. Let it cool, peel off the backing and pop that beanie on.

Final image 1

*We’re* in love with our custom winter accessories. Fingers crossed our bff feels the same…

Final image 4

Yep, nailed it! Now, back to the shenanigans ;)

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Have you ever used iron-on letters or patches before? If so, what did you made? Let us know in the comments below or tag us in a picture on Instagram.