The pinnacle of winter style? The beanie. Whether you’re going for snowboard style or downtown chic, no one can deny the power of the right winter hat. Here are 15 we’re loving, from wacky to wonderful.

1. Brooklyn Brewery ($18): This vintage-style number is perfect for folks who love a good brewski.

2. Google Beanie ($25): Nerd alert! Love the old school vibe, especially for a company that is totally new school.

3. Cupcake Beanie ($20-$25): Cupcakes… on your head!

4. Slouchy Beret ($13): This circle-looking thing is actually a delicate beret-style topper. Tres chic.

5. Fjällräven Nordic Heater ($65): Known for creating products that are as helpful for staying hip as they are for survival, Fjällräven’s Nordic Heater is made to keep you warm in even the most polar climates.

6. Chunky Knit Beanie ($11): Can’t go wrong with a basic red beanie.

7. Pom Diggity ($16): Pom diggity, pom doubt, mmhmm.

8. Raising Cane Hat ($25): Available in Sky and Ice, we love the bold tones of these little hats.

9. Jacquard Knit Winter Beret ($15): For something a bit more refined, these jacquard knit berets have that certain je ne sais quoi.

10. Faux Fur-Lined Aviator Hat ($16): Want to keep your whole head bundled up? Go for the aviator style and keep those ears and cheeks cozy.

11. Slouchy Beanie Cable Knit ($17): More slouchy beanies (and they’re all available on Amazon)!

12. Leopard Print ($40): Rawr!

13. Pewter Spiked Beanie ($28): These seem perfect for a little DIY imitation.

14. Diamond Supply Beanies ($30): For slightly muted and warm tones, go for one of these beanies by Diamond Supply.

15. Classic Beard Head ($28): We know, this is kind of in the ridiculous category but… they really do keep you warm!

Bonus! Obey My Brain ($42-$100): These hats are definitely on the ludicrous side, perhaps too ridiculous to shell out the cash. In any case, they definitely made us look.

And one more bonus from yours truly. Even girls look good (read: very silly) in Beard Heads! :)

What winter hats will you be sporting this season? Which of the above is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.