DIY jewelry has been around as long as there have been flowers to adorn hair, but the indie jewelry trend really began to take off about the same time that Etsy launched in 2006 coinciding with Lalapalooza getting an annual established home base at Chicago’s Grant Park. But you don’t have to attend Burning Man or any other festival to flaunt your crafty DIY charms.

Whether you are crafting a bracelet for a friend, creating a wristband to honor a cause or simply wanting to dress your arm up in your own unique style, we have 40 DIY bracelets for  you to check out. One of them is sure to catch your eye.

There is certainly something magical about jewelry that you make for yourself, whether you use crystals or cotton, leather or beads. Making your own jewelry is a way to wear your own particular bohemian beauty on your sleeve… um, arm. Or to share a special bit of DIY bling with your BFF in the form of a friendship bracelet. It feels good to give a gift that is one of a kind and made with love.

You can find ball chains, leather, beads, and clasps at any craft store. Or shop vintage stores for old costume jewelry, take it apart and upcycle the pieces into something new and uniquely you. If you are a beginner, consider taking our Jewelry Making and Metalworking Online Class. Instructor Tiffany Whipps has a jewelry-making studio in Oakland, CA. She will teach you all about metal types, how to use metal working tools and the basics of forging. And you’ll come away not only with a pair of teardrop earrings that you made yourself but also perhaps even the ambition to launch your own unique line of jewelry.

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