When we put together our latest round of business cards for Team Brit, we found ourselves putting anything and everything in these adorable mini parchment paper envelopes. From colored pencil shavings to sequins to confetti and beads, these are a great way to add a little pizzazz to business cards, gift tags, name cards, and more.


– parchment paper envelopes

– sequins, confetti, felt hearts, etc

– inkjet printer (or sharpie + cute handwriting)

– scotch tape

If you’re going to print onto your envelopes using an inkjet printer, the first thing to do is create your artwork and do a test print on regular 8.5″x11″ paper.

Take your test print, and tape envelopes over appropriate printing areas. Because the envelopes are sheer, you can line them up perfectly on the test print.

Let them dry for 5-10 minutes, and get your pieces of craft flair ready.

You can use a spoon to fill each envelope with colorful bits and pieces.

We did one version using metallic confetti.

Another for @Brit using felt hearts in time for Valentine’s Day.

And one for @anjparanj using a little bit of everything.

We can imagine a whole world of possibilities for filling these darling envelopes up, and for a number of different purposes. For a wedding, you might fill name cards with confetti for throwing into the air when the bride and groom arrive at the reception. For a birthday party, you might make party favors filled with beads and a piece of string so people can make bracelets or necklaces.

How would you use envelopes to add color to name cards, business cards, etc? We’d love to see what you try out. Send a note to hello@brit.co or say hello on Twitter.