Picking a theme for your party is a must these days, what with all the decor options at party stores and inspiration on Pinterest. Lately we’ve really been feeling the desert theme, filled with dusty florals, cacti, sunsets and, most importantly, pools. Though a desert shindig is great for any type of gathering, today we’re going to focus on the ladies… one in particular: the bride-to-be. If you are the lucky gal who gets to plan her bachelorette party, and your BFF is all about that Palm Springs vibe, read on for a DIY that will let you check favors off your to-do list. After all, bachelorette parties are all about good times wearing matchy-matchy gear, right?

At Brit + Co we love to DIY instead of buy, so when it comes to parties, making is our jam. Today, in partnership with Maker’s Mart by Spellbinders, we’re encouraging you to ditch the store-bought goods and tap into your creativity by showing you how to embellish sunnies using succulent garden die templates. Once you get the basics, you can use these paper cut-outs to bedazzle everything for your party, whether it’s a bachelorette weekend, birthday or a summer celebration.


Oh hi there; I didn’t see you. I was so busy lounging by the pool. Oh what? You want my sunnies? Yeah, I get that. They’re pretty awesome. I made them.


Ready to make your own? Let’s do this.

Materials and Tools:
 Spellbinders Prizm, Succulent Garden Die Templates, Prizm Plates

— white cardstock

— acrylic paint

— paintbrush

— glitter

— glue

— hot glue gun

— scissors

— sunnies



1. Fold card stock into four sections.

2. Paint each section with four different colors.

3. Allow drying time, then paint the back side.

4. Cut colored strips.

5. Apply glue and corresponding colored glitter. Allow time to dry.

6. Set up your Prizm Plates by placing a die template on top of the base plate and your glitter paper strip on top of the die template, then sandwich with the cutting plate. Feed through the Prizm. Layer different shapes and have fun with it!

7. Attach to your sunnies with hot glue!


Fold card stock into four sections.


Paint each section with four different colors. Let dry, then paint the back side of the paper. Next, add glue and the corresponding glitter.


Cut out each strip.


Time to make a sandwich. Place the die template you want to create on top of the base plate. Put the glitter paper on top and then finish the sandwich with the cutting plate. Feed it through the Spellbinders Prizm and then check out your creation!


Glue any additional die cuts onto your designs, then hot glue your pieces to your sunnies. Fill them up to make them over-the-top festive.


Eye protection + eye candy.


Now that you’ve decked out your sunglasses, run more paper through your Prizm and add dies to all your party goodies. We fully support you gluing these to everything.


So babelicious!


Obligatory pyramid shot!

That’s it! Now go get making.

What else will you do with die templates? Share your projects with us by tagging us onInstagram + using the hashtag #iamcreative!

This post is a collaboration with Maker’s Mart by Spellbinders.

Author: Roxy Taghavian
 DIY Production and Styling: Alonna Morrison
 Photography: Cody Towner
 Videography: Michael Sullivan