I don’t know about you, but I would definitely consider my dog (actually any dog) a superhero. They have an amazing power to completely change your mood with just one goofy doggy smile. This pet costume was a breeze to make and was made out of leftover scraps from other Halloween costumes. We also suggest dressing up like a superhero yourself this Halloween and twinning with your pet for the ultimate costume win.



Superman printout

– iron-on transfer paper

– red and blue fabric

– One Wrap Velcro

– yellow fabric or ribbon


– hot glue gun

– iron

– fabric scissors

– scissors



1. Measure your dog’s chest area and draw and cut out a pentagon shape to fit that size.

2. Iron on a superman logo to the blue fabric and attach your yellow ribbon to the top edge.

3. Draw and cut out a cape that is the length of your dog’s back. Iron on a superman logo.

4. Attach a piece of One Wrap Velcro to the collar of the cape using hot glue.


Measure the chest area of your pooch and draw a baseball diamond shape on a piece of blue fabric. Iron on a Superman logo (or any superhero logo) and attach a piece of yellow ribbon to the top edge. The yellow ribbon will tie around the neck near its collar.


Grab a measuring tape and find the length of your dog’s back. Create a cape that will fit your pooch and then iron on the Superman logo. Attach a piece of One Wrap Velcro at the neck of the cape.


In no time at all, you’ve got the perfect superhero costume for your #1 pet.


Turkey will for sure save the day. Unless he sees a leaf blowing in the wind – then it’s over, because he will be chasing that leaf for the rest of the day ;)


Oh Turkey, you are so majestic.

What will you be dressing your pet as this Halloween? Share with us in the comments below!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Modeling: Turkey Temple (with the help of Anjelika Temple)

Photography: Kurt Andre