We love dogs, but our dream pet is a unicorn. Why can’t there be a unicorn adoption agency? There are some questions as to whether or not these mystical creatures are actually real (keep the dream alive!), so just in case they aren’t, we decided to make a unicorn costume for our little pooch this Halloween. Have a bunch of pets and don’t want a band of unicorns? No worries! We have a boat load of pet costumes for you to DIY in under 30 minutes. Make sure to share pictures of you and your pooch this Halloween using the hashtag #iamcreative.


Materials + Tools:

– white and silver yarn

– white craft foam

– fur fabric

– One-Wrap Velcro

– fabric scissors

– scissors

– hot glue gun



1. Create a cone out of craft foam and hot glue in place.

2. Wrap the white yarn around the cone, adding glue as you move up the cone. Wrap the silver yarn around the cone as an accent piece and attach with hot glue.

3. Cut two pieces of One-Wrap Velcro and attach them to the bottom of the cone using hot glue.

4. Measure your dog’s back and cut a long rectangle of fur fabric for his unicorn mane. Attach the mane to the cone using hot glue.

5. Attach two more strips of One-Wrap Velcro to the fur strip so it will stay in place as your dog moves.


Make a cone out of craft foam and use hot glue to hold it in place. Trim to shape, then wrap with white yarn. Use the silver yarn as an accent, keeping it in place with hot glue.


Cut two pieces of One-Wrap Velcro and attach to the underside of the cone.


Cut a long strip of fur fabric that measures the length of your dog’s back. Hot glue this piece to the inside of the cone.


About 3/4 of the way down, attach two more pieces of One-Wrap Velcro. These pieces will attach under your dog’s belly and will help keep the fur in place as it runs around.


We can’t even! Unicorn Turkey is our spirit animal.


This mystical unicorn looks like he is going to catch come snowflakes on his tongue ;)

What will you dress your pet as for Halloween this year? Share your thoughts with us below!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Modeling: Turkey (with help from Anjelika)

Photography: Kurt Andre