Let’s face it, this doll face is equal parts creepy and pretty, veering way toward the creepy side of things. It’s Halloween after all, and not everything needs to be the revealing “sexy fill-in-the-blank” look. Find a plain white dress, knee high socks and a pair of good old Mary Janes, and your look will be golden. For this edition of Halloween Makeup, it’s time for you to get doll-ed up! ;)

If you want go for a more specific look, this style is a great base for Raggedy Ann, Wendy (of Wendy’s) and Pippi Longstocking. Now, to the tutorial!

1. Start with a natural makeup look for your base so you have a barrier of your normal makeup between the stage makeup, just in case there are any sensitivities to the more intense makeup.

2. Apply a thick layer of foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. I am using Covergirl Tru Blend in Ivory ($10).

3. Set with a translucent powder.

4. Add an ivory shimmery shadow like Naked in Virgin ($54) to your brow bones.

5. Apply a neutral light brown shadow to your crease like Naked in Naked ($54).

6. Line the inside lower lash line with a white liner like NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil in White ($5).

7. Apply a thick coat of mascara to your upper lashes.

8. Add eyelashes that are meant to go on your upper lashes and instead place them on your lower lash line.

9. Fill your brows in with a red eyeshadow like Urban Decay Electric Palette in Slowburn ($49) for a dramatic effect.

10. Use the same Slowburn shadow as your blush and make very dramatic circles like on a doll’s cheeks.

11. Add concealer to your mouth and set with powder.

12. Fill in your lips with red liner, making them smaller and in a perfect cupid’s bow, giving the illusion of a permanent pucker.

13. Use a fine point brush and gel liner to add freckles.

Creepy to the max.

What makeup tutorials do you want to learn for Halloween? Send suggestions our way via the comments below. Happy creepin’!