Now that you saw how we turned one of our office dogs Brie into a latte and a pineapple, it’s time to complete the set with an equally adorable donut. This is the perfect pet costume for dogs who aren’t big on wearing costume pieces on their heads. Donut believe Brie’s face… she loved this funny dog costume.



– cardboard

– felt in various colors

– yellow/tan fabric

– fiber fill

– One Wrap Velcro


– scissors

– bowl + smaller lid

– hot glue gun

– marker



1. Trace a bowl and a lid to create a donut shape onto cardboard. Cut out two.

2. Cut out a long rectangle of yellow fabric and hot glue it to the outer edge of the cardboard circle. Glue the opposite edge of the fabric to the inner edge of the circle. Add fiber fill as you go to stuff the donut.

3. Cut out a circle of pink felt for the frosting and extra colored felt for sprinkles.


Use a bowl and a smaller lid to create your donut shape on a piece of cardboard. Cut out two donut circles.


Cut out a long rectangle strip of yellow fabric and hot glue one side around the outer edge of the cardboard. Glue the other side of the fabric to the inside of the circle and add fiber fill as you go.


Cut out a wavy circle piece of pink felt for the icing and small colorful pieces for sprinkles.


Hot glue the two donuts onto pieces of One Wrap Velcro.


Donut Brie — the sweetest of all the desserts. Actually… a sweet donut with brie and raspberry jam sounds delicious.


“Uh… did I hear you say Brie is delicious? Please don’t eat me!”

A huge thanks to Sean for bringing in Miss Brie and helping out with these photo shoots.

Are there any other desserts you would want to see as a pet costume? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

DIY – Kelly Bryden

Model – Brie

Photography – Kurt Andre