There is possibly only one thing we love more than Halloweendogs! Our dogs, our office dogs and every dog in general have a special place in our hearts. So of course we had to make some DIY Halloween pet聽costumes for our #1 baes. Miss Brie joined us for this photo shoot and was an all-star model for our series of dog costumes. Thanks to Brie and Sean!



white dog t-shirt

鈥 iron-on transfer paper

鈥 brown paper

鈥 One-Wrap Velcro

鈥 sharpies

鈥 to-go coffee lid


鈥 iron

鈥 hot glue gun

鈥 scissors



1. Print out your favorite coffee chain logo onto a sheet of iron-on transfer paper.

2. Iron onto a white dog t-shirt.

3. Hot glue a to-go cup coffee lid onto a piece of One-Wrap Velcro for a hat.

4. Cut out a rectangle from a piece of brown paper and decorate it to look like a coffee sleeve. Add pieces of One-Wrap Velcro to make it easy to attach to your pet.


Print out the coffee logo of your choice onto iron-on transfer paper. Cut and iron onto a white dog tee. Make sure you check the measurements of your dog before ordering a tee. I was super surprised that little Brie needed to wear a size large t-shirt. Good thing dogs can鈥檛 think like humans or else they might have extreme body image issues.


Hot glue a to-go lid onto a piece of One-Wrap Velcro. This will wrap around your pup鈥檚 head. Then cut a piece of brown paper and decorate it like a coffee sleeve. Hot glue tabs of One-Wrap Velcro to the sleeve so you can attach it under your dog鈥檚 belly.


鈥淥ne latte, order for Sean,鈥 says the 鈥淏rie鈥-esta.


This is the cutest latte I鈥檝e ever seen. I wish Starbucks sold this version of their latte every day.


Look at this pup! Those eyes and tongue! I can鈥檛!!


DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Model: Brie (with help from Sean Griffis)

Photography: Kurt Andre

What will you be dressing your pet as this halloween? Share your costumes with us using the hashtag #iamcreative. As always, leave your comments and questions below.